The Vatican Chronovisor – the device that takes pictures from the past

Now 58 years ago on September 15, Padre Ernetti invented a device that photo history of mankind, it was named chronovisor – a very interesting device that can see and even take pictures of events of the past. The possibility of time travel fascinates people in ancient times. Would you like to be able to return to the past and to cancel unwanted events? Like to look in the future? Scientists show that the jump time is not possible. Others have tried to find the operating principle of a vehicle to move on the timeline. 
As with other scientific secrets, it seems that plans for a device that can look into the past is in possession of the Vatican. It is the chronovisor that Ernetti monk invented, the deviceworked and managed to photograph Jesus and Napoleon at the time when they were alive. 
In terms of history, science fiction writers such as H.G. Welles were attracted by thepossibilities of a time machine. One of the most accurate and consistent descriptions ofscientifically such a mechanism was offered in 1980 by astrophysicist Gregory Benford, in his novel Timescape, which described a system to send messages in the past using tachyons,hypothetical particles with greater speed than that of light.
It is interesting that in the ’50s, the period during which, it seems, Ernetti began hisexperiments, there were published several books on photography the past events, such termsappear chronoscope or chronotunnel (“A Statue for Father” Isaac Asimov). Another example can be found in “Other Days, Other Eyes” – Bob Shaw, who describes a special crystal that usedchronovisor able to slow the speed of light in order to observe the past.

The Chronovisorul captures imagesof near or distant past in the form of hologramsdesigned in a cylindrical space. This is how theinvention can bebriefly described  by benedictine monk Pellegrino Ernetti.  

He died in 1994, carrying with him the secret of using the chronovisor, the machinethat he built it and who looked in the past of mankind. Padre Ernetti (photo inset) was knownin the clerical world as the exorcist and musicprofessor at the University of Venice. But he also graduated  some physics faculty, beingfond of scientific experiments. 
It all started on September 15, 1952,at Electroacoustics Laboratory ofFatherAgostino Gemelli at the Catholic University ofMilan. Giving a record of Gregorian music,Ernetti and Father Gemelli  have discoveredwith astonishment a foreign voice. Gemelli was convinced that this is his father’s voice, whichshocked the two. In time, Ernetti researches joined 12 scientists.
Their names remained unknown, but the monk confessed, however, that among thosewho worked on chronovisor, included the Nobel laureate Enrico Fermi and Wernher von Braun,rocket expert, two of the greatest physicists of the world and “parents” of american atomicprogram. What these scientists have done was to inflame the Catholic Church and to attract the interest of experts from NASA. No one knows exactly how it got to the first successful experience. “It hashappened by accident. The basic idea isvery simple. It was only a matter ofovercoming obstacles up then” said the monk, elusive. Asked who invented the chronovisorul, he replied: “No one. It was acollective creation. It was composed of three parts. 
First, lots of antennas capable ofcapturing light and sound. The antennaswere made ​​of an alloy of three mysteriousmetals . The second component was a type of sensor, activated and controlled by light and sound waves.  
The collector can be set to a desired location, a date and even a certain person. The third component was a complicated mechanism to record the sounds and images. “The principlebehind this machine is very simple and anyone could reproduce with bad intentions. But I tell you, we have demonstrated that visible and audible wavelengths of the past are not destroyed, not disappeared. The greatness of this invention was that I could recover that lost energy hasrecomposed scenes that took place centuries ago, “said Padre Ernetti.
Ernetti published articles on chronovisor since 1965, but were overlooked. On May 2, 1972, Italian weekly La Domenica del Corriere  published a photograph that show Jesusagonizing on the cross. In the interview, Ernetti said the image was captured with the chronovisor.”When I tried to catch images of the crucifixion day, I had a problem. Crucifixion on the cross was at that time daily. 
“The fact that Jesus had to have a crown of thorns on his forehead is not helpful to us. Because, contrary to popular belief, and it was common practice, “said the monk. He told how they had to go back a few days, the Last Supper in the evening. “I saw everything. Agony in the Garden ofGethsemane, the betrayal of Judas, the trial, ordeal. The Chronovisor team filmed everything, but without details, it wasimportant to keep images, not script ” This article has arousedcuriosity, optimism, even exuberance, not so much in the face of astounding discoveries, especially of open perspectives.
On April 8, 1994, Padre Ernetti died in Venice, not before he got on his deathbed a finalvisit from the Vatican. Chronovisor had already been destroyed. “The device can enter intoanyone’s past. With it, every secret is shattered: state secrets, industrial, private. The door could also be opened to a dictator. We ended to agree that we need to disassemble this machine”would have said Ernetti in 1993. 

Other researchers are skeptical about the existence of this device. “Nobodysaw it, not even his friends, Brown andSenkowski. Never made public the names ofcollaborators. Except for Wernher von Braun and Enrico Fermi, who now are dead, “complained Peter Krassa. In “Le nouveau mystere du Vatican,” Father François Brunesays that in 1955, the monk also workedwith one of Fermi disciples , with another Nobel laureate from Japan and a scholar portuguese, some evidence that these great personalities of science have worked with Ernetti, being attractedby unprecedented research.

The monk really invented something, but the Catholic Church does not say what. If ever there was the so called  “chronovisor”, only the Vatican knows. Most people doubt that aclergyman, with outstanding intellectual concerns andundoubtedly moralitycould have played a hoax of this size. 
At this time, the chronovisor is in Vatican, one of the most closely guardedsecrets. This new discovery is also presented by Francois Brune, who is the author of the new Vatican Mystery. Anotherbook that treats the same topic is TheCreation and Disappearance of the World’s First Time Machine by Peter Krassa. 
If this device really exists, its principles could have many uses. With this device we will even be able to rewrite history  Eventswill be presented subjectively and analyzed using the chronovisor. By the time will be made ​​available to scientists to be analyzed, the device that can sees the past is  locked  in the Vatican’s dungeons, being a highly guarded secret.