Images taken by NASA and shown online have been shocking people as they are proving a global climate engineering assault on the planet.

Abnormal Clouds May Have Been Caused By Climate Engineering

Materials that are toxic, along with chemicals that are continually being sprayed into the planet’s atmosphere and which are being manipulated via radio frequency signals have had and is continuing to have, an impact that is noticeable on the clouds. In some cases, cloud formations have been created that are square. The photographs shown reveal the difference to cloud impact when they are partnered along with frequencies that are different.

The images show that it is apparent that the climate engineering that is ongoing is, in fact, causing a disruption to the atmosphere along with the life supported. However, despite this climate engineering is continuing to be carried out around the world. If you are not aware of the term climate engineering, it is a term that is used commonly when referring to geoengineering and this is a large scale intervention and a deliberate one in the climatic system of Earth.

Climate Engineering Has Catastrophic Effects On Earth

Climate engineering is something that poses a very real issue to the atmosphere and Earth and it should not be ignored. There are many people who believe that climate engineering is something that is beneficial, however, it does interfere and change the natural rhythms of Earth and there is a huge list of effects that are catastrophic.

Hurricane Matthew has been linked with climate engineering. It has been suggested that the storm may have been manipulated by climate modification programs. Climate engineering around the world is a reality and it leads to the question of what agendas power structures may be carried out with the manipulation of climate chaos over certain regions. Could it be to distract from the US/NATO fueled European and Middle East mayhem?

Data has led people to believe that geoengineers have been suppressing Atlantic basin cyclones for more than a decade, so why has Hurricane Matthew been allowed to gain in strength? Perhaps the alteration of the course of the hurricane making its 90-degree turn northward, which was totally unexpected, has been directly the result of geoengineering. Bear in mind climate engineers have hurricane suppression technology that is supposed to be able to suppress storms, so why has Hurricane Matthew gained in strength?