On the eastern front during the Second World War, there were a lot of military correspondents from many countries. Often journalists, risking their own lives, fell into the thick of those terrible events, making unique images. Nevertheless, after a year, many of the photographs in the Soviet Union were banned. The most interesting of them we will share …

  1. The Soviet Partisans


2. The bomb flying to Stalingrad

3. German pow, February 1943


4. Germans destroyed the house and took away the parents of these children, 1942


5. With the enemy


6. The commander of the Cossacks is observing his troops. Ukraine, 1942


7. A woman threatens with a fist to captive Nazis, 1944


8. The young soldier of the Wehrmacht is crying, realising his homeland is occupied by enemy.

9. March of the Red Army in the streets of Odessa, the spring of 1944


10. Ruins of Stalingrad, 1942


11. The woman looking at the burnt house, 1942

12. The German in the trench, January 1944


13. Soviet soldiers force the river along the front line, January 1945


14. Corporal US Army demonstrates the principle of overlapping tires. California, March 27, 1944

15. Soviet submachine gunners on one of the roofs of Stalingrad, the winter of 1943


16. An exhausted girl on the day of the liberation of the Dachau camp


17. A German kills a Ukrainian Jew near Vinnitsa


18. Experimental prisoners in one of the concentration camps of the Third Reich, May 1945


19. A former prisoner of war indicates a guardian-sadist in Buchenwald, April 1945


20. Fourteen-year-old prisoner of Auschwitz Czeslaw Kwok

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