MASSIVE Humanoid figure appears in the sky over Zambia

According to eyewitnesses, the mysterious silhouette that appeared in the sky measured over 100 meters wide. Reports state that the strange silhouette remained among the clouds for a period of 30 minutes.

The inhabitants of Kitwe (Zambia) were filled with surprise and terror as they watched a strange humanoid figure—ressembling a Dementor, the fictional creature in the Harry Potter saga—appear in the sky reports Nigeria Today.

The countless images captured by witnesses show the head and a humanoid torso of a mystery ‘shadow’ of more than 100 meters in length just above a commercial center. As noted by some, the images—which have flooded different social networks—give the impression that the dense black silhouette is composed of a material different from the one that forms the clouds. The mysterious ‘apparition’ was spotted above the Mukuba Mall in Kitwe.

The people who witnessed the event assure that this “spectrum” remained fixed in the sky for about half an hour. While some believed that it was a divine manifestation and began to pray, others escaped in panic.

A witness said: “We were shocked to see images that looked like a human in the clouds for close to 30 minutes. Some started worshipping but others ran away. It was so strange.”

Here’s another unconvincing image of the alleged apparition.

On the other hand, those who remain skeptical about the images and the alleged apparition claim that had this phenomenon actually occurred, and lasted fo such a long period of time, there would have been more photos to support it, and at least one video, which has not yet appeared.

So what did people see in the sky above Kitwe? Are we looking at a photoshopped image? Did people in Zambia witness a collective pareidolia? A rare weather phenomenon?

The truth is many believe the object was real and was a religious apparition.

However, looking on the skeptical side, it’s strange that there isn’t a single VIDEO of the apparition, even though the silhouette remained in place for a period of around thirty minutes.

It’s not strange at all—given the wide set of tools available to the public—that this is one of the many fake photoshopped images that was created with one goal only: to go viral and create a debate on social networks.

One of the best examples—of why this apparition may actually be fake—is the alleged ‘Giant’ spotted in 1942 by a RAF recon flight in Norway. The image, which many interpreted as real factual evidence of giants on Earth was in fact a screen grab from the movie Troll Hunter. It is perhaps one of the best pieces of evidence how that shows how easy it is to manipulate images creating elaborate hoaxes.

These types of hoaxes are a major blow to real and actual paranormal investigations, and regrettably, there’s not much we can do to prevent something like this.

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