Around 200,000 people in the United States report having a near death experience (NDE) every single year. However, because of the sudden and elusive nature of the phenomenon, it is almost impossible to conduct serious research on what these experiences are and whether they are real. Because of the nature of NDEs, the only way that they can be examined in any significant way is the testimony of those who have experienced them, such as Dr. Rajiv Parti of California.

He has never believed in near death experiences until this happened to him

Dr. Parti actually had ample second-hand experience with NDEs in his role as the head anesthetist at Bakersfield Heart Hospital in California. According to Dr. Parti, a number of patients would sometimes describe these bizarre experiences of being transported to another world or floating above their bodies during operations, but he always dismissed these reports. It was not until Dr. Parti had an experience himself that he finally realized the significance of NDEs.

Nine years ago, Dr. Parti was diagnosed with prostate cancer which rendered him seriously ill. After a number of operations, he was hospitalized and rushed into emergency surgery. It was during this surgery that he had an astonishing NDE.

Dr. Parti describes the sensation of leaving his body and witnessing exactly what was happening in the operating room. “I could smell the infection and hear everything the surgeons were saying, ” he said. “The anthologist told a dirty joke, and when I was in the recovery zone, I repeated the joke to him.” Initially, the surgeons believed that he had experienced this unusual event because he had not been given enough anesthetic, but Dr. Parti as an expert in anesthesia knew that this was not the case as he had not experienced any pain in the course of the operation.

After leaving his body and examining what was happening in the operating theater, Dr. Parti says that things began to get even stranger and even more inexplicable. He suddenly found himself standing in a place which he believed to be the rim of hell. There he met his deceased father with whom he had always had a rather strained relationship. The two men had an in-depth discussion about Dr. Parti’s problems in life such as prescription medication. After that, his father took him into what he describes as a ‘tunnel of light’ where he experienced ‘the light of a thousand suns that did not hurt the eyes’. It was there that he met his guardian angels, Raphael and Michael.

Dr. Parti says that the two angels told him that he must change his ways. He reflects that he was a very good technical doctor at the time but that he didn’t show a great deal of sensitivity or compassion to his patients and that he was dominated by selfish instincts. “It was there, in this heavenly place, that they gave my life new direction, saying, ‘Now it is your time to heal the diseases of the soul: addiction, depression, chronic pain, and cancer.’”

Dr. Parti says that he has now completely changed his life as a result of his experience and he feels that it is his life’s mission to educate others about what happened to him. He claims that he has become a much kinder person since his experience and that he has become more open to spiritual events. He now engages in deep meditation and claims that he has been able to communicate with the angels through these experiences.