Discovery under the ice of Antarctica will make the world shudder

American climatologists found a long network of giant canals “rivers” under the ice of the Antarctic. The meltwater flows through them, formed as a result of the melting of glaciers.

Every year, the ice cover of Antarctica loses up to 2.8 thousand cubic meters, and the process of reducing ice volumes tends to accelerate. As it was recently discovered by scientists, at least more than half of the “disappeared” ice melted under the influence of warm currents washing the underwater part of the Antarctic ice sheet.

Evidence of this was found by scientists under the ice of the Antarctic, during the research of the Filchner glacier – part of the ice cap in the western “half” of Antarctica. Under its sheet there was discovered a whole network of huge subglacial channels through which meltwater flows to the edges of the ice massif.

Some of them are comparable to the Eiffel Tower (250 meters) in height, and their length can be up to several hundred kilometers. Researchers expect that their discovery will help in explaining the processes taking place on the shelf, and also will allow to track where the melt water gets to.