5,000-Year-Old Egyptian Hieroglyphs Found in Australia Prove History is Wrong

In Australia, 5,000-year-old hieroglyphs are challenging history itself. Could we have been wrong about the Egyptians?

These glyphs suggest drastic plate tectonic shifting over the past five thousand years. These hieroglyphs are proof that the Egyptians actually traveled the world long before Christopher Columbus was even thought of. This goes against all current historical records meaning these records are in for some major changes.

Upon studying these ancient hieroglyphs some researchers believe they are authentic, however, the subject is controversial. They use a form of ancient Egyptian sentence and grammatical structuring that has only recently been discovered. These glyphs appear to be extremely ancient and use and archaic form of sentencing that was used only in very early Egyptian dynasties.

These glyphs are being called the Gosford glyphs and were actually discovered in the early 1900s they have been a part of local folklore for almost a century now and are located within the compounds of Brisbane Water National Park, Kariong.  For more information on them please watch the video below. What do you think are these hieroglyphs some elaborate scheme or are they the real thing?