Mysterious ‘Man-Like’ Creature Has Been Caught Wandering In The Portuguese Desert [VIDEO]

Bigfoot, the Yeti, el Chupacabra… These legends of mysterious beings — sometimes a suggestion of the missing link between man and animal — exist in almost every culture. Some of these stories are meant to frighten, and others are simply puzzling.

As much as you might want to chalk these tales up to fantasy, there are so many reports of these creatures that it’s difficult to dismiss them, even if their existence hasn’t been proven yet. And now there’s one more piece of evidence to add to the pile.

This startling video taken in Portugal captures something definitely not human walking upright, plodding through the desert…

Stories of legendary creatures exist in almost every culture. Whether it be Bigfoot, the Yeti, or el Chupacabra, there is usually some sort of mysterious entity whose myth gets passed down through generations. And you never quite know where and when one of these bizarre encounters will occur next.


Dan Keck / Flickr

Someone in Portugal was video recording a area of the countryside and, at first, things seemed totally normal. The sun was out and the weather was nice; it didn’t appear that anything out of the ordinary was going to happen.


But, as he zoomed in a little closer, he noticed some unusual activity behind a large tree. He wasn’t sure what it could have been at first. He assumed it was probably an animal, but, then he got a startling glimpse of it…

Decide for yourself just what this person caught on camera. Could it be something supernatural, or just a misunderstanding? It’s hard to deny that something unusual is happening…

Skeptics have been quick to weigh in on the video, but none of them seem to have a good explanation of just what it is we’re seeing here, which only adds to the mystery.

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