31 Million Years Object Of Extraterrestrial Origin Found [VIDEO]

Strange 31-Million-Year-Old Mysterious Object Found! The “SCP-1968” in its inactive state, appears to be a bronze toroid of unknown manufacture. It is marked with embossed writing, such as glyphs, it is assumed that they act as high control surfaces in Gray color.

Its largest diameter is 121cm and the smallest is 28cm. It is difficult to focus on the artifact, as it seems to slightly bend the light. It has also been shown that it is impossible to obtain a sample of the artifact.

Experiments with spectrographic were inconsistent. The SCP -1968 demonstrates its anomalous properties when it is handled by a human being. When you apply a moderate force on it, it deforms in an unpredictable way.

As the deformation progresses, its material composition seems to change, until at one point it becomes an animate state, which seems to rotate around the subject in wavy form and at high speed.

Its main effects manifest themselves when it reaches a plateau Unpredictable, after which the artifact quickly returns to its inert state.