Unexplained Ancient Spaceship Artifacts Discoveries (Video)

Could ancient man fly?  Here are some mysterious out of place spaceship artifacts ever found from the ancient world.

Together with blueprints for a Medieval multi-stage solid-fuel rocket, instructions for an unexplained flying machine passed on by a 10,000-year-old Indian guru,the unidentified “Toprakkale Space Shuttle” that may have been carved 2,500 years ago, schematics from a mysterious craft encountered by Ezekiel as described in the bible, and the lid from Pakal’s Tomb that appears to show the Mayan king as an astronaut.

There are many mysterious artifacts that have been found around the world which resembles spaceships – but they date back to thousands of years ago. Intriguing, is it not? The first on the list is the most recently discovered, named “Toprakkale Space Shuttle”.

It was only recently discovered after 25 years in storage at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum, which has caused many scientists and archaeologists to question its authenticity. It is, however, said to be dated back 2,500 years ago. The “spaceship” is a detailed sculpture from the kingdom of Urartu, and it specifically shows four thrusters that surround one large one, and a pilot seat in the front, very much like the modern jets we have today.