Argentine police raid reveals an extensive collection of Nazi relics. The authorities in Argentina had been watching a specific collector closely for some time in connection with questionable acquisitions and after finding grounds to conduct a raid of the house in Buenos Aires, discovered 75 items believed to have belonged to a prominent Nazi figure.

The identity of original owner or owners of these relics have not been released, but some of the items themselves have been verified and authenticated by historians. Among the finds are photographs and photo negatives, including images of Adolf Hitler himself, busts of the Fuhrer and other items bearing obvious Nazi embellishments. Fittingly, the collection was discovered after police discovered a secret entrance to the room where the items were kept.

The question remains as to how these artifacts found their way into Argentina. The acquisition may have been in the country for decades. According to the Dailymail. Co. Uk, Argentina was a mostly neutral country during world war two and arranged for many escape routes to assist Nazi’s who needed to get out of Germany to avoid trial.

It is believed that as many as 5000 Nazi supporters came to Argentina and likely brought some things along with them. A History. Com article from 2015 claims that the Argentine President himself supplied necessary paperwork to the Adolf Eichmann, a known orchestrator of the Holocaust, to come to Argentina and this same aid was given to other Nazi war criminals.

As Argentina seems to have become a haven for German political and military members of the Nazi era, finds of this nature are hardly an unbelievable occurrence. The number of relics and the nature of the pieces collected by the unknown enthusiast is the only surprising factor in this case as it adds weight to the notion that many higher Nazi officials made it to Argentina to live out their lives unpunished.