WikiLeaks Release e-mails Claiming That The Pope Knows Aliens Exist And A Space War Is Imminent

As soon as I see the words “leaked” and “e mail” in the same sentence, I instantly run for cover. Nothing good has ever come from rifling through someone else’s private correspondence – and this story is no different. Chuck a number of notable conspiracy theories into the mix, and also you’ve got a story worthy of each front page across the world.

WikiLeaks have released an e-mail from ex-astronaut Edgar Mitchell to politician John Podesta which makes some pretty outlandish claims. Yes, I do know what you are thinking, I’m going to begin speaking about aliens…

The e-mail contained a myriad of references, most of them with an extra-terrestrial element.

Edgar opens his e mail by dropping quite a sizeable bombshell: “As a result of the War in the Space race is heating up, I felt you ought to be aware of several factors as you and I schedule our Skype talk.”

What?! There’s going to be a space war! I’ve so many questions… Thankfully, Edgar’s e mail goes on to clarify that US, China and Russia are all gearing up for a war beyond the stars. Good news.

The other little bit of the e-mail that leapt out at me was this, apparently the Vatican (that’s where the Pope lives) have some pretty in depth knowledge about aliens: “Catch up on knowledge the Vatican has about extraterrestrial intelligence.” If you wish to read the full e mail with all the other juicy details, you are able to do so here.

Again, what the hell is going on? Everyone knows that Area 51 is the real deal, and the federal government is hiding stuff, however I didn’t think that the Pope would be in on it. You know what, I think I am going to write that guy a strongly worded e mail.

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