Putin’s New Promise: ‘I Will Defeat The Illuminati’

We all know who’s Vladimir Putin, right? And, we also know that the famous Russian President Vladimir Putin is very straightforward and trustworthy person. Well yes, and I really think that you’ll be amazed when we tell you that he has shown that he has never been afraid of fighting several opponents on different fronts. Now, it appears that he has a new target in his sights – the Illuminati. Just take a look at the article below to find out more about this.


This is how the story goes – well, it has been previously alleged that Putin, who was born and raised in the shadow of important political influence and who previously served in the notorious Russian intelligence agency, the KGB is himself a bona fide member of the New World Order.

According to many experts around the world, it seems unlikely that Putin ever became a fully-fledged member of the Illuminati. From the outset of his rise to power, Putin has made it clear that he is a Russian patriot and that his first duty will always be to his country. And, I really think that we can all agree on one thing – the famous Russian president has been seen to actively act against the interests of those within the Illuminati if their activities conflict with the health and prosperity of the Russian nation. This has allegedly led to Jacob Rothschild calling Putin ‘a traitor to the New World Order.’ In response, it has been claimed that Putin said that he would destroy the shadowy organization.

And yes – it is believed that Putin has now established himself as the most dangerous opponent of the Illuminati alive today. This is also very important for you to know – over the years, Putin has forced out some oligarchs in the pay of the Khazarian Mafia out of the country and into areas such as the City of London. It is claimed that he has done this to loosen the stranglehold that the Illuminati have held over the Russian economy and major industries since the end of the Cold War. He has also expelled all businesses operating under the Rothschild Banking Group in recent months as he believed that they were playing a positive role in the Russian financial system.

Right now, Putin is moving outside of the realm of domestic concerns and is also thwarting Illuminati operations on the global scale. It has been said that the Russian military’s intervention in Syria and commitment to protecting the ruling party headed by President Al-Assad has torpedoed Illuminati plans to lay a pipeline through the country which would have been operated by their agents. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to click the share button at the end of the article. Thank you and have a nice day!

Source: disclose.tv