People Are Turning Permanently Blue After Taking This ‘Immune Boosting’ Substance

Colloidal silver is a liquid solution containing suspended silver particles. Proponents of this substance say that it is a natural antibiotic. However, those statements have not been confirmed by any real medical professionals. Colloidal silver was used as an antibiotic in the 1800s through the 1940s, but the substance was phased out as actual antibiotics became more commonplace.

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50 years after its use was faded out, the champions of homeopathic medicine repacked colloidal silver as an immune system booster and literal “cure all.”

 Sometimes Still Used To Treat Burns

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Occasionally, silver sulfadiazine is used in the treatment of burns, because of silver’s anti-bacterial properties. It is only for topical use. Its use by actual medical professionals is rare, because there are much better alternatives.

Combats Over 650 Ailments…So They Claim

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Some of colloidal silver’s supporters have (falsely) claimed that the substance can cure 650 different ailments. It has never been tested on so many ailments, so that is just straight up wrong. These people also claim that it is an effective treatment for HIV & AIDS. This is not only false, but a potentially dangerous proposition to make. People who are actually suffering from the disease should not be told that this will help them, as there is no scientific evidence to back it up.

Oh Thank God, It Stops ‘Herpies’

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Do these people even check their ads before putting them out there? Herpies? Really? HERPIES? Any type of pie? Apple? Rhubarb? Blueberry? Or did they mean a pie filled with sexually transmitted infectious diseases?

FDA Suggested It Isn’t Safe

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In 1999, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a verdict ruling that the consumption of colloidal silver is not safe. “The FDA is issuing a final rule establishing that all over-the counter (OTC) drug products containing colloidal silver ingredients or silver salts for internal or external use are not generally recognized as safe and effective and are misbranded,” the verdict read.

And why is it not safe? Yes, silver can kill bacteria cells. But it is also toxic to human cells. And it can have some pretty effed up IRREVERSIBLE side effects.

Is This A Good Look?

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People can argue all day long that they “don’t see color,” but when people spot some poor schmuck with blue skin, they are bound to notice. Ingesting colloidal silver can lead to a condition known as argyria. This condition is permanent and gives the skin a gray/bluish color.

Proponents Of Colloidal Silver Try To Own The Term ‘Blue Blood’

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These silver supporters claim that the term “blue bloods” arose from silver consumption, because the noble class would eat and drink with silver utensils, and that they would develop a blue tinge to their skin after years of doing so. That is totally false.

The term actually originated from Spain, (“sangre azul”) and would refer to people who did not have any blood mixed from the Jews and Moors, which would make their skin darker. Among the upper class and royalty, a pale complexion was considered a thing of beauty. The veins in a person with very pale skin appear to be bluer than those of someone with a tan.

Now Meet The Real Papa Smurf

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This is Paul Karason. He was dubbed “Papa Smurf” for obvious reasons. He took colloidal silver for over 10 years as a treatment, oddly enough, for a skin condition (dermatitis).

He died three years ago. No, not from colloidal silver, but from a heart attack.

This Was Him Before

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This was Paul Karason before he turned blue. I think the skin condition he developed looked much worse than the one he had prior.

Another Blue Man

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This is another famous victim of colloidal silver. Stan Jones is a libertarian politician from Montana. He took colloidal silver in 1999 in the fear that Y2K would wipe out the world’s antibiotics.

Colloidal Silver Ruined This Woman’s Life

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This woman’s name is Rosemary Jacobs, and while Jones and Karason seemed okay with their blue complexion, it has been a state of constant embarrassment for Jacobs. She was prescribed nose drops containing colloidal silver, without her knowledge. She took them whenever she had a cold, and she developed argyria at a young age.

“I have not been a normal color since and it has blighted my life,” Jones said. “People point and stare, calling me names and telling me to take my Halloween makeup off.”

She’s been turned down from jobs, ridiculed almost her entire life and never had a long-term relationship because of this. Now she tries to spread awareness about the fraudulent claims about colloidal silver.

Quack, Quack, Quack

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Sometimes this alternative medicine crowd can be just as bad as the “Big Pharma” they are so dead set against. They continue sprouting falsehoods about a substance that has no proven benefits, and has actually damaged lives. Colloidal silver just sounds like a bunch of quackery.