Seeing a line is typically one of the most entertaining sightings when it comes to things throughout the world that are appealing. However, these lines are vastly difficult from typical ones. These lines are known as the Nazca Lines. These lines are suspiciously weird geoglyphs that stretch around a large amount of the Peruvian Desert. These lines, however, remain an absolute mystery. No one has yet been able to explain why these lines exist around the area that it does.

These lines are oddly able to be seen from space. These lines are over 50KM long, and many of these lines are pointing to the positions of the sun, moon and certain other stars from approximately 2,000 years ago. From space, the lines appear to be red. They almost resemble infrared lines used to stop thieves from stealing highly desired property. In looking at these lines, there may be a unique connection between two unique places. These places are the moon and Peru. Extremely weird combo, however, new facts have revealed that there is some correlation between the two.

A video shown below displays the moon and the many unique features that it contains. These lines are superficial and are extremely unique in their look. This has created skepticism whether Peru and the Moon have something to do with the existence of aliens or UFOs. The weather conditions are extremely unique, and only exist in this specific area where the lines exist. This has created conspiracies of whether these conditions are perfectly suitable for alien life.

The connection to the stars also hints at a possibility that a higher and intelligence life form existed or currently exists and is involved in this specific area. There should be more research on this area, especially due to the many conspiracies and beliefs that aliens do in fact exist. NASA themselves have indicated that something does, in fact, exist out there, which is a strong statement for an entity that focuses primarily on space.