Controversial Bosnian Pyramids

The natural geological formations with at least strange shapes or perhaps the oldest pyramid on Earth posed by human hands, the complex of pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina have for years numerous discussions in the contradictory.

The dispute continues to this day, though, of which they have researchers investigated, most claim they are nothing more than relief forms polished natural erosion factors.

The story behind them, however, is an especially interesting, with scandals, extreme nationalism, tourism at any cost and countless studies whose results not irreconcilable.

Semir Osmanagić was dubbed the Indiana Jones of those in the Balkans, because of its passion for archeology, prehistory and the mysteries surrounding the extinct archaic civilizations.

Semir Osmanagić was able to shatter the scientific world in early 2006, when he announced that he had discovered the oldest pyramids in the old Continent, somewhere in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Self-confessed researcher, technician in steel construction, Osmanagić turned the world’s attention towards the Visočica Hill, a pyramid-shaped clear formation, located near the town of Visoko, 30 kilometers Northwest of the capital Sarajevo.

Visoko, itself, is the former capital of the Medieval Kingdom of Bosnia and holds, among other things, numerous and varied historical vestiges, from the ruins of the Illyrian settlements, Roman forts, plus many artifacts from the Neolithic period.