Official military video footage shows aliens in Area 51

A video that dates back from the early 1940s appears to show S military personnel carrying the corpse of an alien being. The video has been published online, and a Magazine from Australia/New Zealand called UNCENSORED confirms it.

The video has been made available on YouTube thanks to Jonathan Eisen the editor of the above mentioned magazine. The video called ‘Roswell Original Footage of Dead Alien Rediscovered by UNCENSORED Editor’ has awaken the interest of ufologists and scientists who have very different views about the video.

According to the article, “UNCENSORED technicians did a frame by frame analysis before publishing the video. Tests were able to determine that the video showing an alien beings is legitimate in every aspect.

It has been clarified that “not only does the video show an alien body, and probably one from the Roswell incident, but also shows the hangar to where it was transported by the military ambulance.”

The magazine has not said how it obtained the video recording but assures that it is authentic in every way. UNCENSORED maintains that it is the first magazine to publish authentic materials on the Internet. The only problems with this last assertion is, that its wrong since images and similar videos have been around on the internet for years, this video below was uploaded in 2011 to YouTube:

But even before 2011, these recordings were featured in the Movie “Alien Autopsy” from 2006:

From this we see that the footage isn’t something new, but has been around the interest for quite some time now. Its authenticity however, has been a subject of debate for years.

The TV documentary Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction (1995), exhibited at the time what would be the alleged autopsy of an alien UFO recovered from the Roswell UFO crash in 1947. Ray Santilli, a businessman from London who is behind the documentary, claimed to have acquired the video footage from a former cameraman of the United States Army.

Santilli has since admitted that the footage seen in the TV documentary was “recreated” in a studio since the original video footage suffered from irreparable damage. However, Santilli declared that the images in black and white featured in “Alien Autopsy” from 2006, and published by Uncensored magazine are part of the original military footage.

While many people believe that the footage seen above shows the real extraterrestrial being of Roswell, thee are many more that believe that the Roswell crash never occurred and that the military didn’t find Alien bodies.

Do you believe that the Roswell crashed really occurred? If so, is it possible that the United States government did recover alien technology and the bodies of extraterrestrial beings in 1947? And, after seeing the video footage above, do you believe it is authentic footage?

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