Deep Sea USO: Underwater Alien Stations and Gates

MYSTERIOUS PLACES – UFO research has a specific subbranch: the investigation of sightings of “unidentified submerged objects” or USO’s. These USOs are similar to UFOs, except for the fact that they emerge from and disappear into oceans, seas, lakes and rivers all over the world. Once you start investigating USO sightings, there seem to be so many of them and the accounts seem to be given by authoritative sources, like the military.

Like in UFO descriptions, USOs seem to have some characteristics in common. They are often round shaped, like a disk or a cylinder. They tend to travel at amazing speeds, faster than at any man-made vehicles can fly. They seem to possess some kind of intelligence, in that they are reported to actively follow ships sometimes. A sighting often mentioned is the one at Nova Scotia’s Shag Harbour in 1967. But reports come from all parts of the world, from Norway to Puerto Rico to Japan.

Could there be underground stations where aliens go about their business? Less than 5% of the world’s oceans have been observed by anyone. The distance, pressure and volcanic activity make exploration too difficult. We know more about our galaxy and its planets than about the oceans. Ocean trenches are many kilometers deep and these deep unknown places could provide shelters for alien life. There could well be gates for them there, through which they enter and exit.

Another explanation could be that the USOs have some unknown interaction with water. Maybe they can induce some reaction of water that is yet unknown to us. Some ancient legends could to point in this direction, for example the Gods of the Dogon tribe, who are said to be fish-like creatures, masters of the water.

Or is there some connection with mysterious ancient underwater structures, like the under water pyramids off the coast of Japan? Such structures are sometimes associated with lost civilizations, like Atlantis or Lemuria. Did ancient man know more about alien underwater technology? Has this knowledge been lost to us, leaving us guessing what USOs are?

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