There is something on the Moon that is watching “over” Earth

Earths moon should be without a doubt, the number one priority for Earth’s Space Agencies, yet, for some reason, no one seems to be talking about going back to the moon. The question is why? What is up there that is keeping us from coming back? Is there anything at all on the moon, other than the equipment left behind by astronauts and a couple of strange rocks?

The Apollo 17 was the final mission of the United States’ Apollo program, and was the last time humans walked on the moon. Numerous mysteries have surrounded the Apollo missions and specially the Apollo 17 mission, whose crew consisted of commander and veteran of the mission Gemini 9 and Apollo 10 Eugene A. Cernan, the lunar module pilot and geologist Harrison H. Schmitt called “Jack” and command module pilot Ronald E. Evans. The names of the ships, privilege of the commander, was Challenger and America for the lunar module to the command module.

Commander Gene Cernan was the last man to walk on the surface of the Moon in the Taurus Mountains, near the crater Littrow, on the border between the Mare Mare Tranquillitatis and Serenitatis.

The “Challenger” module landed on the moon at the following coordinates: 21,2ºN 30,6ºE which is the Taurus Littrow area. Commander Gene Cernan and Harrison H. Schmitt were aboard the descent module.
Harrison had a very interesting idea before the mission began, he actually proposed landing on the “Far side” of the moon, specifically at the Tsiolkovsky crater but his proposition was rejected as NASA considered it to be “too dangerous.” But Harrison did not only propose the far side of the moon because he thought it was a good idea, it is believed that there was something important on the far side that the astronauts wanted to investigate.

The exact reasons why NASA did not allow the landing to take place at the Tsiolkovsky crater were never made public. Curiously, Harrison H. Schmitt designed the insignia of the mission which had, for some mysterious reason a drawing of Stonehenge. This insignia was later replaced by the one we all saw, that of Greek god Apollo.

Schmitt never really answered why he had chosen Stonehenge for the flight insignia and has kept the design and the “why” behind it in the shadows. But lets face it, NASA’s Apollo program is anything but normal, the abrupt suspension of the Apollo program is something that many people today do not understand completely. Even though Apollo was planned all the way up to the Apollo XX mission, when the crew from Apollo XVII returned to Earth, NASA reported that the Apollo program had “expired” since the mission objectives had been reached.”

Many believe this wasn’t the reason why NASA opted out of the Apollo program, and many historians and researchers believe that it wasn’t because of funding either. So what was the real reason? Why have we not returned to the moon?

There are some believe that the reason why NASA opted out of the Apollo program has a sinister extraterrestrial background, one that has kept mankind from going back to the moon.

The reason why many people believe that there is “something” on the moon that is keeping a close watch on our planet are the countless images of the Apollo missions, and the curiosities behind the missions itself.

Reviewing some of the more interesting images from the Apollo program has given us quite a lot to talk about.

Obviously the first image of interest would be the mysterious pyramid on the moon which has caused great debate between ufologists and skeptics.

One of my favorite images is the one below. There appears to be some sort of “rock,” that eerily resembles a skull. This “lunar rock” seems to give us the impression it has eyes, a mouth and a nose, it’s very creepy

The next image is incredible. Many people believe that what we are seeing in this image is some sort of “tube” sticking out of the lunar surface (look at the center of the image). Mysteriously, this tube shaped object doesn’t look anything like the other rocks seen in the surrounding landscape, and its shape clearly resembles some sort of tubery.

What are your thoughts? Is there really something on the moon that has kept us from returning? And what about the images provided above, do they seem like “ordinary” objects on the moon?

It seems that in the end, however you put it, there is something mysterious surrounding NASA and its Apollo program, and the images and videos filmed on the moon, are the perfect evidence to support all of those who agree that the Apollo astronauts must have found something mysterious, previously unknown and dangerous on Earths natural satellite. The question that remains is, what was it?