A crashed UFO discovered in Antarctica?

In the distant past, Antarctica is believed to have been a thriving content very different from what we see today. Some even believe, that ancient civilizations might have prospered on this once great continent, which is today, hidden beneath layers of ice and snow. Today, Antarctica is a nearly inhospitable place on Earth and everything that might have existed in the distant past on Antarctica lies hidden beneath the snow. There are countless legends that are connected with Antarctica, some of them speak about incredible pyramids hidden across the harsh landscape, secret underground facilities where the impossible comes to life and some even believe that somewhere, on Antarctica, lies the entrance to the mythical land of “Shangri-La”, a paradise located in the interior of the Earth. UFO stories aren’t something uncommon when it comes to Antarctica, and in this article, we discuss a possible UFO crash site that has been found with the help of Google Earth.

If you really believe that all of this are just legends and fairytales you should probably take a moment and use Google Earth and visit Antarctica for yourself. All of a sudden science fiction stories come a step closer to reality, as you will find many unexplained things which are easily identifiable on the white surface.

Russian researcher Valentin Degterev used google Earth and might have found an actual UFO crash-site on Antarctica. As Degterev was looking at Antarctica’s landscape he came across a huge unidentified object half buried in the snow. Degterev came across this mysterious object a couple of years ago, but according to Degterev, this object crashed on Earth in the distant past, possibly millions of years ago. After publishing the images of the alleged UFO on social media, the news went viral all over the world.

Degterev stated: “I think it’s a huge flying disc-shaped machine buried in the frozen ice, I found the mysterious object using Google Earth while looking at Antarctica. Amid the endless ice desert, it is a genuine UFO in its most classic form.”

The Russian “researcher” also disclosed the coordinates where he had found the object so that anyone can check it out and form their opinion. Here are the coordinates: 80 ° 34’08.4 “S 30 ° 05’19.3” W. According to Degterev the UFO is about 20 meters wide and 70 meters long, ruling out the possibility that it was a natural formation like a cliff or a large crack, and could not be a polar station, a crashed plane, or a lost boat.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, said: ‘It’s hard to tell if this a “classic” saucer sticking out of the ice, or whether it is a break in the ice.
‘Antarctica has a long tradition of being the resting place of crashed saucers or a base for their operations.’

Degterev went further and stated that the mysterious object definitely had a metallic body and was not made of rock or stone. But Andrew Fleming, a researcher at the British Antarctic Survey told the Daily Mail Online that the object was clearly a large crack in the floor of Antarctica. “Its a crevasse. A crevasse is a lot of ice formed by differential movement of the ice,’ he said.
‘They can be tens of metres deep. It’s one large slot, nothing unusual, but they are spectacular. It’s certainly not a UFO, though.’

What are your thoughts, is this an actual UFO that crashed on Antarctica in the distant past? Or is it just a crevasse as some experts suggest? Let us know what you think.