SHOCKING: Bin Laden Still Alive ?

NEW DELHI: The United State of America claims to have killed dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden in 2011 however, shocking reports have erupted which say that the mastermind behind 9/11 attacks is still alive and living in Bahamas.

Not only this, a report also said that Osama is being protected and pampered by American external spy agency the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

These reported started doing rounds on Sunday evening when Edward Joseph Snowden, a whistleblower who leaked classified information from the US National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013, was quoted by a website as saying that Osama was hiding in the Bahamas under CIA’s protection.

In his claims published in the report on, Snowden said that he has some documents that prove that Osama bin Laden is still on the CIA’s payroll.

The report also added that Osama continues to receive an amount of over $100,000 a month that is directly transferred to his account. It quotes him saying, “I have documents showing that Bin Laden is still on the CIA’s payroll.

He is still receiving more than $100,000 a month, which are being transferred through some front businesses and organizations, directly to his Nassau bank account. I am not certain where he is now, but in 2013, he was living quietly in his villa with five of his wives and many children.

“They organized his fake death with the collaboration of the Pakistani Secret services, and he simply abandoned his cover. Since everyone believes he is dead, nobody’s looking for him, so it was pretty easy to disappear. Without the beard and the military jacket, nobody recognizes him,” Snowden said in the report.However, the cover was blown after it was found that the website that published the article was a satire organization.

Osama bin Laden was killed on May 2, 2011 in the Abottabad region of Pakistan in a highly secretive mission carried by the US Navy Seal Team 6.Snowden is currently an escapee and fled the USA after leaking documents regarding the NSA’s surveillance programme

Islamabad: Pakistani army chief General Raheel Sharif on Sunday showed serious concerns at what he called the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan and condemned those elements which frustrated the rare peace talks.

The comments came after a series of recent deadliest attacks in Afghanistan that led to the cancellation of peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

Pakistan had brokered the first ever direct peace negotiations, Xinhua reported.”I must highlight that the aggravating security situation in Afghanistan is a point of serious concern,” the Pakistan army chief said at his speech to mark the country’s Defence Day.Afghanistan put a stop on the Pakistan-brokered talks after Taliban carried out some attacks.

The talks were earlier postponed after the Taliban confirmed the death of their leader Mullah Omar.Pakistan was critical at Kabul’s decision to leak out the news of Mullah Omar’s death at a time when the second round of the peace talks were scheduled to be held in Pakistan on July 31.

”We have made concerted and sincere efforts for bringing peace in Afghanistan but certain inimical forces are bent upon undermining our efforts,” General Raheel Sharif said. He said nefarious designs of such elements will never succeed.”

We have strong historical and blood ties with Afghanistan and no power on earth can disrupt this relationship,” he said.He said Pakistan’s national struggle against terrorism has played a vital role for regional and international peace, adding the international community acknowledges Pakistan’s extreme sacrifice and would assist us in this endeavour without any prejudice.

Raheel Sharif reiterated the resolve that the security forces will not relent until all terrorists, their financiers, abettors, facilitators and sympathizers are brought to justice.

About the Pakistan China Economic Corridor, he said it is of importance not just for Pakistan but also the entire region.”Its completion is a national obligation and armed forces of Pakistan will fully play their part in bringing this project to fruition,” he said.

As might be expected, defenders of the Obama White House are pushing back vigorously against a report by Pulitzer Prize-winning author and investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claiming that the president lied about circumstances surrounding the 2011 raid that resulted in the death of terror mastermind Osama bin Laden. Writing in the London Review of Books, Hersh reveals that Obama rushed into the media spotlight to claim primary credit for the success of the raid by Navy SEALs, without acknowledging the key role of Pakistani special forces in the extremely dangerous mission.