TERRIFYING VIDEO: Villagers beat what they thought was an alien. However, it was…

– A video of a creature thought to be an alien went viral

– Residents of a village in Borneo were shocked upon seeing a creature that resembles an extra-terrestrial being, as a result they beat the beast until it lost its consciousness

– The creature was brought to the authorities which revealed what the creature actually was

VIDEO: Villagers beat what they thought was an alien

Villagers thought they saw an extra-terrestrial being. Photo by: http://www.elitereaders.com/

We’ve always been fascinated about extra-terrestrial beings. From comics to television shows up until the big screens, we always imagine that we’re not alone in this world.

Given how vast the universe is and our planet is just a small part of it, we can’t stop ourselves from dreaming that we’re never alone and there are other life forms out there.

What are you going to do if one day you’ll come across something which is so strange that you think the “thing” you’re seeing with your naked eyes is one of those you imagined to only be possible in movies?

Residents of Sibu Village in Borneo were shocked upon seeing this creature. They thought it was an alien.

Horrified by what they saw, the villagers launched an attack against what they thought was a beast from outer space. After being hit, the beast eventually lost its consciousness.

Reports say that the villagers attacked the four-legged creature out of fear and uncertainty of what the creature was. Some claimed that it was their first time to have seen something like the alien-like creature crawling in the woods of the village.

VIDEO: Villagers beat what they thought was an alien

This creature was beaten by local villagers in Borneo thinking it was an alien. Photo by: http://www.elitereaders.com/

When the beast regained consciousness and started escaping away from the villagers who attacked him, people were surprised to know what it truly is.

The creature is a sun bear.

Malnourished and obviously sick, this sun bear barely resembles its healthy counterpart. As the poor bear escapes, one of the villagers managed to take a video and uploaded it online.

VIDEO: Villagers beat what they thought was an alien

The creature turns out to be a sick and malnourished sun bear. Photo by: http://www.elitereaders.com/


The video went viral with more than 8 million views. Malaysian authorities later confirmed that the creature was indeed a sick sun bear. According to authorities, the animal is considered as a protected specie in Borneo.

After a couple of months, the bear showed up in a nearby plantation. This time, instead of beating, the villagers rescued the animal and brought to Matang Wildlife Center.

Veterinarians confirmed that the bear has a mild anemia and mite infestation. The animal now showed signs of recovery and will be released soon.

Next time you come across something strange, before doing anything, make sure you are not harming an innocent creature, otherwise the cruelty will make you worse than what you initially thought the creature was. -MR, Kami Media