Сreepy clip shows a ghost attacking a boy as he walks through a forest in India at night

A video shot in an India claims to show footage of a ghost attacking a child on a woodland path, and has seen millions of views on Youtube as well as gaining attention from media from around the world since it’s creation.

In the video, a boy is walking down a track through a forest when a dark ghost like figure seems to appear from the side of the track and attacks him, pushing him over before he regains his feet and runs away.

The video was uploaded to Youtube last week after being allegedly shot using a camera placed in woodland to track wildlife. No clues as to where exactly the video was filmed have been given nor who the identity of the boy in the video, who was presumably shaken but unharmed after the experience.

There are of course plenty of people skeptical of the video’s origins, and why it was uploaded to Youtube rather than handed over to experts for analysis if it does contain footage of a ghost or evil presence of some sort. After all, this is far from the first video claiming to show either a ghost or some mysterious presence, and a lot of similar videos have later been proven to have been faked.

Also, the way that the video is filmed leaves questions unanswered as well. The boy in the video doesn’t seem to see the presence knock him down but then runs away without so much as a glance back to see what it was that attacked him.

Similarly, the ghost-like figure attacks the floors the child but then doesn’t give chase or further the attack, content simply to vanish back into the shadows on the other side of the track. Seemingly then the motivations of the ghost for the attack are obscure since it didn’t do any serious harm to the boy nor give chase, perhaps it was guarding the particular area of the forest that he was walking through.

For the video to be either confirmed or discarded as proof of the existence of the shadowy figure in the forest the location that the video was filmed in will need to be revealed. If this particular area is known for these kinds of attacks, then further eyewitness accounts and experiences can be recorded and more cameras set up. Also, the boy in the video can be interviewed to assess the conditions surrounding the attack, and whether any of his actions triggered the shadow to attack him.