Two Enormous Sunken Alien Bases Discovered on Google Earth

During the past month or so, UFO hunters made two seemingly unrelated discoveries that immediately got added to the portfolio evidencing the signs of a strange, ancient presence on our planet. The controversial images were obtained through Google Maps, revealing two enormous underwater structures that conventional science cannot explain.

The next time you set your eyes upon a tall mountain, remind yourself that long ago, that gargantuan chunk of rock was on the bottom of the ocean. The face of the Earth is shaped by processes like erosion and accretion and what was once standing tall might now rest covered by the watery abyss. And since our planet is mostly covered with water, just imagine what things still lie unseen, hidden from our curious, collective gaze.

The first underwater edifice was spotted on July 15 by YouTube user MEXICOGEEK just off the coast of the Gulf of California and conspiracy theorists are already calling the remains of a massive alien city. Measuring over 70 miles in length, the strange structure looks like it was constructed with geometric patterns in mind. Its symmetry and straight lines stretching for tens of miles seem to rule out any natural formation, favoring the intelligently-designed hypothesis.

UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott C. Waring believes this alien base is connected to all the UFO sightings coming out of Mexico and the entire Central and South America.


  • “This base is huge and it’s no wonder why we hear about so many UFO sightings over Mexico,” he writes. “This base is just 45 miles away from the Mexican coast. The chances of this being an intelligently-made structure… I put that at 100 percent.”

It’s interesting to note the similarity between the structure’s arrangement and that of an airport’s landing strips when viewed from above. However, the sheer size of the tubular structures that make up the underwater network means they must have served a different purpose. It is unfortunate that we might never know what that purpose was, but unless the scientific community decides to investigate the matter in a thorough, transparent way, we’ll remain clueless. Coordinates for the underwater base here.

The second place of interest can be found near the coast of Venezuela, halfway between Curacao and Puerto Rico (Coordinates here). It has an even stranger, more discrepant architecture consisting of zigzag lines. In terms of size, it is just as massive as the one from the Gulf of California, measuring approximately 90 miles from tip to tip. But the strangest characteristic has to be its shape. What geological processes could have produced such an odd contour, exhibiting symmetry, straight lines and 90-degree angles? Is it even reasonable to comfortably assume this underwater structure is natural?