Scientist believes crop circles contain an advanced binary code

Once upon a time, a ten-year-old boy in suburban Jacksonville, Florida was staring out of his bedroom window when he saw an unidentified, silver craft flying silently through the night’s sky. It was at this moment that Horace Drew realized that UFOs and extraterrestrials really were visiting this planet and he has dedicated his long and storied scientific career to studying them. Now, he believes that he has made an incredible breakthrough.

Dr. Drew, who holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Caltech, the California Institute of Technology and worked for CSIRO as a molecular biologist, has primarily devoted his career to the study of crop circles. While skeptics believe that crop circles are manmade owing to several well-publicised hoaxes, Dr. Drew believes that the fakes are the exception rather than the rule. He believes that these enigmatic patterns have been created either by extra-terrestrials or human time travelers.

Dr. Drew claims that this conclusion is based on a number of things, including the exceptional manner in which crop circles appear to be made. Dr Drew says that one of the primary characteristics of the crop circle is that no one hears any disturbances while they are being created. He says that this is because the beings leaving the circles are using a form of silent, microwave technology which is far beyond the capabilities of human beings at this point in time.

Dr. Drew has studied around two dozen crop circles from all over the world and has made an extraordinary discovery about the messages they contain. After examining the circles, he realized that they contained a code which was essentially a more advanced version of the binary code currently used in computers. He said that he has managed to decode the messages, some of which read ‘Much pain but still time. Believe. There is good out there’, ‘Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises’, ‘We oppose deception. Conduit closing’. He also claims that other circles contain “schematic images of the future for astronomical or human events.”

Dr. Drew explains that there are two potential groups that could be leaving these messages – an advanced extra-terrestrial species, or human beings from the future. He says that if it is an alien race leaving the messages, then they are probably attempting to communicate with humans in a similar way to how biologists communicate with dolphins. “When (humans) want to talk with dolphins we put little bubble circles under the ocean with a generator. We watch the dolphins come up and play and investigate, and we study them. This is called the ‘dolphin communication project,’ ” he said. “Barack or Trump have never said to a dolphin: ‘take me to your leader I want to sign a treaty with you’. And (the extra-terrestrials are) not interested in making a treaty with us. They are ahead of us like we are ahead of the dolphins and the whales.”

Alternatively, the messages could be left by human beings traveling back in time from the future. Dr. Drew suggests that it is almost certain that human beings living 5000 years in the future will be able to come back and visit. They could be leaving messages for each other or perhaps just to commemorate their time in the past. “The trouble is we don’t know space-time physics enough to understand what’s happening. It’s beyond our knowledge. Maybe they don’t want us to know about it. It might be just for them.”

Either way, Dr. Drew says, the individuals leaving the message do not demonstrate any form of threat to humanity.