Fascinating! ‘Egyptian style pyramid’ discovered in china!

There’s got to be a pattern regarding all these pyramidal shaped structures that are scattered along the planet.

Archaeologists keep discovering pyramids of all kinds of sizes and are trying to find it’s hidden meanings and origins.

Recently archaelogists found a 30 meter complex with a small pyramid and a cylinder shaped tomb.

The discovery has baffled experts for it has Egyptian like characteristics which has raised more questions about what we currently know about history.

Experts believe that the pyramid is over 2000-years-old belonging to the Han Dynasty.

Interestingly, one of the biggest pyramids ever found was in China sometime after the end of World War 2.

The pyramid is so big that it makes the Great Pyramid of Giza look like a miniature model.

The Pyramid was spotted by American pilot James Gaussman after flying over the city of Xi’an.

When he saw the huge structure he decided to take some photographs and file a report, which was delivered to his superiors. Watch the following video to know more!