Vatican Very Concerned About the 1500-Year-Old Bible Which Was Found in Turkey


1500-year-old Bible which was discovered in Turkey, deeply concerns Vatican, as it discards the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

If this Bible is proven real, it could easily change the religion we knew. But, if this particular Bible is fake, then they all are.

The Vatican wants to see this Bible. Based on the results of several carbon dating tests, this Bible is at least 1500 years old. This Bible holds the Gospel of Barnabas.


The Bible has been relocated to one of the Turkish museums. According to the gospel of Barnabas which is the gospel of one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, it is stated that Christ was never crucified. Instead, the Judas was the one who was crucified and Christ rose to heaven while alive. Moreover, according to this Bible, Christ was just a prophet who spoke the word of God and not the Son of God. The Apostle Paul is referred to as The Impostor.

According to official press statement, the Bible was taken from a mob of smugglers in a Mediterranean region operation. Mob of smugglers was accused of trafficking antique relics, performing illegal archaeological digs, and being in the possession of explosives.

This ancient Bible is said to be worth at least $28 million.

Religious experts and specialists in Tehram are certain that the Bible is an original. It is written in Aramaic in gold letters on loosely bound blackened leather. During the Council of Nicea, it is believed that the Catholic Church chose some Gospels and tossed many others which do not appear in the regular Bible. Among those rejected gospels is the Gospel of Barnabas.

But the Vatican appears to be worried about this ancient Bible. The Vatican has made an authorized request to the Turkish government to examine the Bible. However, anything that the Vatican concludes will be supported by the believers of the Christian faith, while atheists, agnostics or others might wonder whether it is real or not.