Identity of light beings – the mysterious beings of light in the park.VIDEO

This image was made two months ago a telephone. When transferred to the computer, the image it appeared that the shining figure who sits on the bench. – Image maker told the couple, who first thought of spirit looking at the pictures, because they did not see anyone physically as pictures are taken while sitting on the bench.

The fact is that it remembers that there was no one on the bench, but most people can not figure uploaded a photo form. The mysterious figure of light, just popped up on the occasion of viewing via PC.

According to experts, there are several parallel world, where several different-looking creatures alive and abilities. The light beings on earth létsíkkal parallel to one of the world’s creatures, whose mission is to maintain peace and light, so the assistance where appropriate. The camp of unbelievers reject that exist beings of light.

However, there is a kind of initiation, which can connect with these creatures. After the initiation of the vibration increases will be seen, and simultaneously the presence of light beings who help on our way to wisdom.

All you have to do is we open our hearts to the ‚Earth Guardians‘ wisdom and this is ours. And as we will contact them, we will be able to bring about any stories that you never experienced personally, but which are now become ours. We will remember the past and future are connected together, wiser ourselves, so actually we are currently living facility as light-beings will be our leader.