New Evidence That Human Are Not From Earth, But Aliens Brought Us Here

Ellis Silver has work for many years to bring his highly controversial views to the public view. Silver believes that human beings are not native to the planet Earth and that they were brought here by a highly advanced extraterrestrial species, and he believes he has the evidence to prove that his theory is true.

The foundation of Silver’s argument is that there are deeply unusual characteristics inherent to all human beings which cumulatively suggest that the species is not entirely at home on this planet. For instance, the rays of the sun can be incredibly harmful, if not lethal to human beings if they are exposed to it for prolonged periods of time. Humans are also dazzled, or even blinded by looking directly at the sun, which does not appear to be the case for other creatures on this planet.

Human beings also suffer an enormous range of chronic health issues. One of the most common chronic health problem is bad backs which, again, is not evident in any other form of species on this planet. This suggests to Ellis that human beings evolved on a planet where the gravitational force was lower. Furthermore, humans also experience other health problems which stem from the body expecting a twenty five hour day – something which has been confirmed by sleep researchers.


Finally, Ellis points to the process of human conception, gestation and birth. The process in itself is unparalleled in its inefficiency in the context of the animal kingdom. It is also fraught with inherent dangers and poses a serious health risk to the mother.

Again, this is not a characteristic that can be observed in any other species on this planet. Further to this, the human genome presents with an extra 223 genes which are not apparent in any other Earth-native species. Humans have also been incapable of tracing the family tree of the species to completion and are still grappling with the so-called ‘missing link’.

Silver writes that all of this suggests to him that human beings evolved on a different planet. Speculating as to how the species couldn’t have ended up on Earth, he suggested that this planet may be a ‘prison planet’ as human beings are an unusually violent species. “We’re here until we learn to behave ourselves, ” he wrote.

When Silver initially released his theory into the public domain, he was met with widespread ridicule and scepticism. “It is possible to drive a coach and horses through several of his arguments, ” said one trenchant reviewer.

However, recent discoveries might suggest that there is something in Silver’s theories. A series of recent experiments have found that when projectiles are shot into ice mixtures which are ordinarily found on comets from outer space they create amino acids, which are the building blocks of life itself.

This revelation has led researchers such as Nir Goldman to conclude that it is possible that comets were responsible for igniting life on this planet. “These results confirm our earlier predictions of impact synthesis of prebiotic material, where the impact itself can yield life-building compounds, ” Goldman said.

“These results present a significant step forward in our understanding of the origin of the building blocks of life. This increases the chances of life originating and being widespread throughout our solar system.”

While these recent discoveries do not necessarily prove Silver’s theory, they do suggest that it is entirely possible that the genetic basis of human beings originated elsewhere in the universe. This means that Silver’s ideas are not quite as far-fetched as his critics believe.