Black Knight Satellite – There is an Alien Satellite Watching Earth (VIDEO)

There are stories that tells us that is right there among the darkness of the sky, spotted on the dark side of the Earth.

This unidentified, silent satellite has been discovered circling the darkness of the sky through his orbit. Amazed by this unidentified object, the Earth is moving below him.

This is the satellite called Black Knight, a mysterious object circling the Planet, unidentified, an object that eventually could be nonhuman in origin.

The story of the Black Knight made it’s media debut with Nikola Tesla, suchlike many others stories. Rumors are that it was Nikola Tesla the first man to “intercept” a signal from this otherworldly satellite in 1899, as he related in a conference.

In 1920 the radio amateurs were able to intercept the same signal. After Tesla’s discovery, the scientists from Oslo, Norway, who were experiencing radio signals to pulsars, had detected in 1928 delayed echoes named Long Delay Echoes ( LDEs) ,a strange phenomen , meaning to intercept echoes after few seconds before the radio signallings starts wich was not understood at that moment.

Since 1960’s both USA and Soviet have satellites on their orbits. But on 11th of February 1960, media reported a shocking news: someone else could have an object like this on Planet’s orbit, as well.

On a radar screen projected by US Navy something occured. A dark object appers to circle the Earth. It does not belonged nor to americans nor to soviets.