Numerous ancient texts make reference to an ancient and highly advanced alien species, who were often taken for gods, called the Anunnaki. But who are these the Anunnaki? And why do so many people consider them to be absolutely central to the history of humanity?

One of the most commonly used translations for the Anunnaki comes from the Sumerian meaning ‘those who came down from heaven’. According to latter period Assyrian and Babylonian myths, these beings were descendants and Anu and Ki, brother and sister gods. The beings originate on a huge planet in the outer reaches of this solar system called Nibiru. The planet is said to have a 3600 elliptical orbit and an unbelievably powerful gravitational field which could be one day cause an existential threat to the planet Earth.

The Anunnaki first visited the planet Earth with the intention of harvesting its natural resources, particularly its gold. For that purpose, they used the Igigi as workers on the huge number of gold mines they established on the planet. However, the Igigi people, who are also an advanced alien race, revolted against their Anunnaki masters. This led to the Anunnaki creating human beings who they believed would serve as far more compliant worker drones than the Igigi.

Various aspects of the Anunnaki creation has permeated world culture and religion. For instance, in the Abrahamic religions, the first man is said to have been named ‘Adam’. In ancient Sumerian, the word ‘Adamu’ refers to the first men who were the Anunnaki slaves. For a long period, these artificially constructed human beings could not procreate. However, when the Anunnaki needed a sustainable and ever-expanding workforce, it was deemed expedient to allow human beings to reproduce without assistance from their creators.

Over the generations, the Anunnaki watched in horror as their creation, which was supposed to be compliant and docile, gradually began to gain confidence and autonomy. Their army of human drone workers became a restless and inefficient workforce that was increasing making decisions at odds with the will of the creator gods. This eventually led to the Anunnaki planning to allow the human race to die out entirely by allowing the Great Flood to wipe out the entire population of Earth. Indeed, the Great Flood probably would have killed every human being had it not been for the intervention of the Anunnaki being, Enki.

From the culmination of the Great Flood onwards, the Anunnaki have not been as invested in human beings as they were in the distant past. However, throughout the centuries there have been tales and artifacts which reveal that at least some of these alien beings still take an interest in human beings and the state of the planet Earth. For the most part, the Anunnaki have been forgotten on this planet and live on only in the various ancient texts and archetypal myths which hint at their phenomenal impact on this planet.