Many people believe that the Anunnaki created human beings to work as drone slaves in the colonized gold mines of Earth many thousands of years ago. They would later leave the Earth in disappointment with their creation. Human beings were considered far too rebellious and individualistic to be the workforce the Anunnaki required. Since that time, there have been only sporadic appearances on Earth from individual members of the advanced alien race. But could they ever return en masse? The signs suggest that this is entirely possibly.

According to Stan Deyo, the re-emergence of the Anunnaki on Earth is an imminent prospect. The arrival of the Anunnaki will coincide with the time that their planet Nibiru, also known as Planet X, draws close to the Earth. While the Pentagon and NASA officially deny the existence of this planet, Deyo claims that they are well aware of its existence and are aware of the implications when it passes close by to the planet Earth.


But why would the Anunnaki return after such a long period of absence on this planet? Certain researchers are suggesting that the aliens believe themselves to have ‘unfinished business’ on Earth and they feel obliged to “fix what they had done wrong.” What could this mean?

According to Gregg Braden, an American author, of all the codons in human DNA, only twenty of them are active. This interesting detail implies that the full potential of humanity has been suppressed for some reason, whether by accident or design. Those who believe that the Anunnaki created human beings to work as slaves think that this was certainly an intentional detail. Repressing the codons in the DNA meant that human beings would never be able to reach the same levels of consciousness and spiritual awakening of the Anunnaki themselves. It is possible that this is why the Anunnaki plan to return to this planet.

If this is the case, then the implications could go far beyond a heightened sense of consciousness and spirituality for human beings. According to the UFO researcher Simon Parkes, activating the now latent codons in human DNA could open up practically limitless possibilities. Human beings could recover from injury and disease in the blink of an eye and humanity might even be able to heal the environment.