4 Mysterious Cases of People Who Disappeared After Seeing UFOs

Every single day there are UFO sightings. During humans time on earth we have been strong belivers in life oter than ours on earth. The main source of Alien reports is that of UFO sightings. However what many of you don’t know is that there are a scary number of people that report such objects only to go missing shortly after. Lets delve into the unknown and look at 4 Mysterious Cases of People Who Disappeared After Seeing UFOs.

Frederick Valentich UFO Sighting

This is quite possibly one of the most talked about sightings in history and has been investigated throughly by UFO researchers as of recentley. Frederick Valentich was flying his light aircraft at the time and at some point in his flight reported a UFO above his aircraft exhibiting strange and unnatural behaviour. In his last words to air traffic control before he seemingly vanished he explained that the aircraft was not human, and that it wasn’t any aircraft he had seen before.

Absorbed by Lightning

One of the great mysteries of the human race, Stonehenge has mystified everyone who has tried to explain it. However mysterious the structures are, theres been some even more mysterious incidents involving the structure. in 1971 a congregation of thought to be worshippers had gathered at Stonehenge. During their gathering a thunderstorm had gathered, a sudden flash of lightning hit Stonehenge and shortly after scream of the worshippers could be heard. A Police officer attended rapidly and discovered nothing but the lit campfire, everyone was missing.

The Lost Bomber

(Image source – Historic Wings)

Its not often a well observed and tracked military bomber goes completely missing. However that seemed to happen in 1956 when a B-47 Stratojet Bomber flew toward Ben Guerir Air base in Morocco due for a refuel off the Mediterranean Sea. The first refuel went without a hitch, However a second refuel was not made after the bomber failed to make contact again, it and its nuclear payload went missing.

The Missing Pioneer

One of the most coveted alien abduction stories also comes from the first woman aviator. In 1937 Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonanset set to complete a round trip around the pacific. They never made it to their destination and its believed by many that due to the lack of evidence found they may have come into contact with something otherworldly.