Ancient CD? The age of these artifacts have been earmarked for 12,000 years.

The past speaks to us quite clear language. Thus impede officially presented the “truth”. Some events long past, are more fantastic than we can imagine. They are trying to awaken in us a feeling for the truth. Take your hands are finally out of sight and let us have the courage to accept stories often incomprehensible at first glance. One of them is the story of Baian-Kara-Ula …


This unusual story began in late 1937 – 1938, when the Chinese archaeologist Pu Ti-Tej implemented with several colleagues expedition to a remote mountainous area of China, which became known under the name Baian Kara-Ula. If we are accurate, then it should be mentioned that the territory of our interest bordering the provinces of Qinghai, Sichuan and S’-. On the cartographic map, then this area can locate between the 96th and 99th degrees east longitude and 33 degrees north latitude. There are mountains reaching up to 5000 meters height. Scientists have based the abundant archaeological finds for that before 20,000 years ago, this area was certainly populated.


One of the first very surprising finds was a series of locating graves. In these tombs were found mummified remains of creatures whose height was the least surprising – 1.30 m. Needless to say that we on our planet very difficult to find ethnic group with the average height. Not the overall anatomy of these creatures was characterized as rachitic. For a skull at first glance showed signs of considerable oversized .. Yes, maybe you understand my point. I refer to a very distinct anatomic similarity to those creatures which are currently believed to have been responsible for the quantity of so-called. “Abduction”. But let’s return to Asia. Anthropologists have found skeletons included the two major ethnic hill tribes inhabiting the territory Baian Kara-Ula – Drop and Kham. The age of these artifacts have been earmarked for 12,000 years.

STONE puzzles
The greatest archaeological knockout, however, was phenomenal discovery of 716 stone discs that were found in graves already mentioned along with mummies. We begin the disks examined more closely, we find that they are about a centimeter thick and a diameter of up to 30 centimeters strongly reminiscent known to us LPs. Amid have about one centimeter large opening, and what is particularly strange all are provided with grooves. These grooves meander from the disk center in the form of a double helix to the outer edges. And that’s not even the half of it. Among these special lines located signs linguists totally unknown font. Twenty years, a group of leading Chinese researchers tried to break the secrets of this mysterious font – in vain. It was only in 1962 at the Beijing Academy of prehistory to the team led by Professor Tsum m-Nuie managed to decipher some passages. And they told us? I would not want to be in the shoes of those scientists. Deciphering the information was so fantastic that only about a truly callous person would be able to normally accept.


These characters tells us that about 12,000 years ago in contact with our planet got union alien spaceships, which however was during landing in very inaccessible landscape damaged. Due to the lack of infrastructure, these “foreigners” are forced to at least partly adapt to the foreign environment.

Official science was presented with this report in 1965, when the research findings were published in Japan. The whole issue here from the world of science was regarded as a targeted provocation group of madmen. The fact remains that China’s official scientific and political space very well aware of what the “gunpowder” dabble. They were placed in a very awkward situation as the story of Baian Kara-Ula spread like a chain reaction around the world and was no longer hands-off. As well as in the West, this phenomenal discovery quite dramatically thrown off the table.


Professor Tsum Um-NUJ, which most prolific years of his life dedicated research this discovery, the scientific world was branded a madman. He died soon after he was publishing his work.

Everything seems to indicate that at least some Chinese minds these artifacts could not sleep. How else to explain the fact that two of these stone discs came to Moscow in order to very detailed research. Thus came to light in the next series of admirable knowledge. Above all, it was a chemical analysis found that the stone structure of artifacts includes a significant proportion of cobalt, which is how many people will know magnet. Now in Baian Kara-Ula is virtually the only place in China found significant deposits of this metal. In this context can not be ignored completely logical question. How and who was able to before 12,000 years ago artificially apply this chemical element in the structure of the stone discs?


There are also a hypothesis that cobalt and other impurities detected as aluminum and silicon can be a hypothetical magnetic recording medium. From this proposition was only a small step to the next. So if our discs are not supported even two types of records. The first could be formed us already well-known characters, and the second could be a layered metal impurities. All these questions still are not answered. Russian experts, however, has been made to other equally interesting discovery. Namely, when connected to the oscillograph they were vibrating at a very high frequency, which is totally incomprehensible response. As if that were not enough in the cave complex Baian Kara-Ula documented for us thematically very interesting wall paintings. All, without exception, bear the distinct elements of cosmological scenes. Among others to have shown all the planets in our solar system including the sun and lots of other star systems. Some stars are then with planets of our solar system, including Earth combined bold lines. What he wanted to represent the primordial painter?


BLOW OF Fergana
Uzbekistan. Equal to 2,500 kilometers as the crow flies from the field Baian Kara-Ula near the Tian-Shan and Altai is completely unknown to many city of Fergana. For us, this place has absolutely supreme importance. Sometime around 1968, he penetrated among enthusiasts archaeoastronautics very interesting report. Nearby Fergana was discovered quite incredible rock drawings. Take a good look at the picture that is faithful to its reconstruction. Surely you see the celestial bodies of which one has an obvious shape of a flying saucer. You will also see a kind little creature standing beneath this ensemble dressed in something that can indicate other than a suit. Another mysterious creature with a little attention you will see on the left of the second image being holding in his left hand – wheel with the ridges running up spiraling from the center to the outer edge !!!! Fantastic. A little naive question. Remind you, this disc stone artifact from Baian Kara-Ula?


PASSENGERS stone discs
Perhaps it might also attacked the question of how it is with stone discs currently. When we project the political situation in China from the sixties to the present, certainly us in connection with our problem in many illusions fulfilled. And so it happened what had to happen logically. The research work of Professor Tsum Um-nes simply “lost”. The stone discs virtually nobody cared and the whole phenomenon seems faded into oblivion.


But what happened. At the point where we least expect it, we can re-establish the thread of our story. But we need to move a bit in central China. Here in Shaanxi province is the city of Xi’an. This city is famous mainly large number of cultural relics from the time of the Qin Dynasty, Tang and Ming. We can say that this city is such a tourist metropolis.

What we, however, very interested in the fact that in this city some weird twist of fate, got two of the 716 stone discs! Chinese workers during digging foundations for a building here in 1953 discovered the remains of a Neolithic settlement. Soon there was a museum together with a kind of relic.


And lo and behold, it is in this museum Pan-PCHO discovered in 1974 by Austrian scientist Ernst Wegerer two of the discs, which were found on that famous expedition of 1938. Even it could also further explore and take photographs. So we know that these stone discs have a diameter of about 30 cm, were about 1 cm thick (much exactly match the intensities recorded in the original research report of Professor Tsum Um-nes)! Of course, the system also had splines winding from the center to the outer edge. Each weighed roughly around one kilogram. Specialist museum failed to indicate the origin of the subject of any reasonable explanation. Later it was found that also in other similar types of museums have always found a few bits of said stone artifacts.

So the question arises. Why and who took the trouble that practically throughout China rozstrkal literally a priceless archaeological find? He managed to reports from the rolls after all comprehensively and to translate what they are telling us? Got some fear of what might cause a translated message, and therefore, these discs literally hid in different places of the country. We do not forget the exhibits that were sent to Russia.

The story of Baian Kara-Ula is a historic memento. One of many. It’s a strange message that we are trying to suggest indisputable fact. Many historic and prehistoric events are presented to us differently than how it should actually be. People have a right to know the truth about their historical heritage.