The others: new documentary about the known types of aliens races

There is a list of alleged alien races that have been reported during the meetings of the 3rd grade and 4th grade, speculated to be associated with UFOs or imagined possible.

UFOs are evident flying objects believed to have remained unidentified popular in terms of existing technology and provenance even after rigorous testing of identification. More observations and studies, testimonies of people who were abducted by aliens, and reports that representatives of the US armed forces have drafted as a result of events related to aliens, have led some experts to carry a list of species of aliens trying to control our planet. 

Syrians come from Sirius B Galaxy and are one of the oldest extraterrestrial civilizations. They gave medical information and astronomice. The great ancient Egyptians pyramids were built with their help. Syrians had links with the Mayan people, contributing to his disappearance, but not before allowing them famous crystal skulls. The civilization of Atlantis benefited from the Syrians, until a time when aliens caused the disappearance of Atlantis. In many military reports, they are mentioned projects that unfolds over a technology that Syrians have offered to americans.

Little Grey is known as Zeta Reticulieni. They are the most famous and according to statistics, they made the most kidnappings people. Alpha Draconienii – they are a species of reptilian very dangerous to humans. They are the first intelligent species in the Milky Way. They are considered legitimate conductors of races less evolved.

Reptilians interacted with people for a long time. In some cases it helped mankind, but most often they destroyed everything mankind had built thousands of years. They infiltrated the highest positions so that they lead and decide the destiny of our planet.

Anunnakis elitist creatures who came from the planet Rizq. When their planet was destroyed they created an intergalactic ship called Nibiru. They came to Earth a million years ago in search of gold. Because they needed labor, they created mankind. I inherited them from violence, rancor, all of which are contained in our DNA altered.

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