Much to the dismay of the central government, new evidence from top secret documents released by Edward Snowden have revealed that the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is not only being used as a weather and natural disaster weapon, but low frequency vibrations in the 6 – 11 Hertz range can also be used to affect people’s very thoughts! The weapon now has an unprecedented global reach with HAARP outposts located inside every major city in the world.


HAARP consists of a field of radio antennas located in SE Alaska. Each of the 360 antennas in the primary array are each capable of producing 10,000 watts, amounting to 3.6million watts collectively

When HAARP is fired, the radio-waves are broad-casted straight up or straight down. When fired up, all of the antennas shoot powerful waves into the ionosphere, the upper most part of the atmosphere. During this process, the radio-waves heat the ionosphere, creating irregularities that allow the ionosphere to bounce powerful radio signals back to earth. When aimed down, these powerful waves shoot into the earth hitting fault lines at the resonant frequency that is capable of producing violent earthquakes.

In America, there are two related ionospheric heating facilities: the HIPAS, near Fairbanks and one at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) operates an ionospheric heating facility, capable of transmitting over 1 GW effective radiated power (ERP), near Tromsø, Norway. Russia also has the Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility, in Vasilsursk near Nizhniy Novgorod which is capable of transmitting 190 MW ERP.

Natural waves are related to the electrical activity in the atmosphere and are thought to be caused by multiple lightning storms. Collectively, these waves are called ‘The Schumann Resonance´. An imbalance between Schumann and geomagnetic waves disrupts biorhythms. These natural geomagnetic waves are being replaced by artificially created very low frequency (VLF) ground waves coming from GWEN Towers.

GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) transmitters placed 200 miles apart across the USA allow specific frequencies to be tailored to the geomagnetic-field strength in each area, allowing the magnetic field to be altered.

Globally, mobile/cell phone signal masts are being used as outposts for HAARP technology according to the leaked documents by transmitting encoded frequencies in the 6-11hz range.

The CIA original engaged in mind control experiments during the 50’s and 60’s, using drugs like LSD in conjunction with electronic devices to manipulate test subjects. One such experiment was called the “Radio-Hypnoic Intracerbral Control and Electronic dissolution of Memory” which was used to split a persons’ mind into two distinct entities for undercover spy work. The project was “officially” disbanded in 1977

The issue with the CIA experiments is they required the subject to be in close proximity to scientists and the reach of the project was limited to a small number of individuals within range which is where Dr Jose Delgado of Yale University come in. Dr Delgado was the pioneer of electromagnetic mind control and released a peer reviewed report entitled “Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society” which stated that it was possible to control human movements, glandular functions and specific mental manifestations using electromagnetic stimulation.

In 1974 he stated to congress that “We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind . This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain.” Congress denied the funding request but his work was subsequently funded by the Office of Naval Research.

The reach of HAARP is larger than initially feared. Snowden papers reveal that the EM signal produced by HAARP and other mind control weapons can now be relayed through cell phone towers thus extending the reach of the signal from a confined targeted area to the entire population.

Political unrest is testament to the power of these mind control devices – in November 2016, Donald Trump triumphed as president elect of the United States despite a complete lack of political experience and every single election and exit poll. The will of the people was to vote conservative but during the electoral process – their body was not their own. It was a win for the Freemasons as Brexit was a win for the Zionists, both go against conventional thinking

We are in a new era of scientific weaponry

Your mind is not your own

The evidence is out there, dig deeper

J.Steinhand, INVESTIGATIVE Journalist