Secret Plan to Inject Us All With ID Chips Through Vaccination Programme

It might be hard to believe but according to a former politician, an evil conspiracy about the inoculation of micro identification chips within every human being secretly is being commenced illicitly. These ID chips will be installed within each of us secretly while we are getting boosters against whichever diseases, claimed Simon Parkes.

A former Labour councilor, Simon Parkes in his statement warned that Australia is going to be the first ever country to get inoculation of these ID chips into their hands from January. The size of these microchips is assumed to be much smaller than a grain of sugar.


wikipedia in an exclusive interviewed Mr.Parke’s who refused to take oath as a whitby town councillor in April and also claimed that his mother was an alien. He further highlighted the statement that he was the one who stopped destruction of mankind by stopping scientists at Large Hadron Collider (LCH) in Geneva from exposing another dimension to the mankind which could have bring an end to entire human civilization.

Parkes exposed the organization behind framing Large Hadron Collider event and revealed that an evil organization well known as Illuminati controls the world and plotted LHC. Although it seems weird but this person also claimed that he was the one that stopped the portal from opening by making hundreds of people mediate all over the world. This made the evil organization Illuminati to search for some other plan to control the human world and the best suited plan is implantation of micro identification chips through which they can keep track of entire human civilization. It doesn’t end at just monitoring activities of people but they can also control people as well as punish people via these ID chips.

These accusations of Mr Parkes, no matter true or false can have been challenged by several people whose main concern is that these allegations by Mr. Parkes can put people’s heath at risk because people will fear having inject-able medicines which can worsen their heath conditions. That’s not all of it! This can evolve mistrust-fulness in the society and people will completely stop believing each other giving rise to paranoid conditions.

Unfortunately Mr Parkes, who had given an extraordinary lecture in an event organized by UFO academy at High Elms Manor doesn’t stop there. He addressed the audience at the event and claimed that after he spoiled the master plans of Illuminati, most of the members of this evil organization have left this planet remaining behind just 200 evil creatures.



He also put forth the photograph of an alleged micro ID chip on a projector, contrasting its size with a sugar grain stating that the people who are implanted with these chips can be entirely under control of Illuminati and they can control as well as punish people through mind “blasts”. These evil plans of ID chip implantation’s are being masterminded by the leaders of Illuminati which are currently resided in U.S.

Mr Parkes being a multi talented person, also works as a driving instructor and he further stated that Illuminati is all set to start implantation’s of these chips next year. While he was lecturing these paranoia inducing episodes to the audience, he imbibed a bottle full of beer during the addressing.

He further backed his statement by stating that for about 25 years psychopaths have been trying to kill half or 1/3 of human population but now with the help of RFID inject-able chips, they might not need to do so now because of the fact that these chips can severely affect neuron system of any person.