Researchers may have found the home planet of the Anunnaki

Early this year, a team of astronomers from the California Institute of Technology gave a public announcement that a huge planet has been discovered near the fringe of the solar system. Since then, this has become a hot-button topic as people from various groups have contributed their opinions and knowledge regarding this new discovery. NASA had named the newly found planet “Planet X”.

Besides the general scientific community, fringe groups which include believers of the Annunaki and the lost planet of Nibiru have displayed their interest and joined in the discussion that the world might be enlightened by their views and knowledge.


Janet Sitchin, whose uncle Zecharia Sitchin was famous for the theory of the ancient planet Nibiru and the link to the Annunaki, stated: “It was very exciting to see scientists finding another planet in our solar system or evidence of it ”

She further lambasted sceptics when interviewed by FoxNews. Com: “It’s exciting because sceptics thought that such a large planet could not go unnoticed, these are mostly people who are not astronomers and do not know how big space really is.”


The late Zecharia Sitchin, who passed from this world in 2010 at the age 90, once wrote a book about Nibiru titled “The 12th Planet” back in 1976. The book mentioned that both the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian cultures had left behind various clues about the arrival of the Anunnaki, a mystic and powerful civilisation which originated from the planet of Nibiru. The Anunnaki purportedly once visited Earth at around 600 BC.

Sitchin wrote in his book that Nibiru was located way beyond Neptune and it takes a 3,600-year orbit before it comes close to Earth. Upon the arrival of Nibiru near Earth, the Anunnaki would visit the inhabitants of Earth.

The Anunnaki once harvested resources on Earth like gold. Much of the work was done in the Persian Gulf and the southern regions of the African continent. Janet Sitchin mentioned during a broadcast at the Slooh Community Observatory that the ancient Sumerians had left texts describing that the Anunnaki had created man to help with the mining of gold, due to the labour intensive work.


NASA has its own view on Planet X, which directly contradicts the existence of Nibiru. Jim Green from NASA gave a statement regarding their views: “We have a pretty good idea of what is in our solar system, there is no such thing as Nibiru.”

To counter those who claim that NASA is keeping secrets about the existence of Nibiru, Green stated ignorance and disbelief in science as a contributing factor to those claims. He mentioned that even with evidence like photographic evidence of the Moon landings, some people still do not believe that the event ever occurred.


Harold Levinson from the Southwest Research Institute has come forward with an email detailing evidence that Planet X is not Nibiru.

“It is scientifically impossible the Sumerians knew anything about this object, or that anything could have lived there.”

The newly discovered planet is around 10 times as heavy as Earth and 20 times as far from the sun as Neptune is. A full orbit of Planet X around the sun would take an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 years.

Janet Sitchin described this as a contributing factor that the planet is not Nibiru: “The length of orbit is very different. So. Unless there is something that is not quite correct in the calculations of 10,000 and 20,000 years, then it doesn’t correspond to what the Sumerians wrote about Nibiru.”

However, Janet retains the belief about the existence of Nibiru: “It could be that those calculations aren’t 100 percent right. I hope we find that it’s closer and is Nibiru, or maybe there is another planet that is Nibiru and this is not it.”

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