Ever wondered if the third eye is a pure superstitious myth conjured by the uninformed and uneducated, or if the legend of the third eye is just based on a scientific reality that people who experienced it may not have fully understood?

Enter the pineal gland, named for its pine cone-like shape. The gland exists in the central portion of our brain between the two hemispheres and constitutes what people claim to be the third eye vision.

The pineal gland affects much of our consciousness in an unconscious fashion. It is charged with melatonin, a serotonin derivative. Melatonin directly works on the body’s hormones and has an effect on the modulation of sleep/wake patterns, and thus a human body’s seasonal system functions.

There are some who claim that this information has been kept from the public so as to be used as a means of control, through denying most humans the full potential of their mind.


The pineal gland is in essence, a sort of metaphysical gate between the corporeal human world that we know of, and the ethereal spiritual world. The serotonin released by its activation fills one’s mind with euphoria and being “one with the world”. This enables heightened degree of human senses and gives the human the ability to have both a wider perception and a deeper sense of comprehension, leading to enlightenment. The pineal gland can be activated through activities like yoga, meditation, and various other occultic methodology.

Astral projection, or remote viewing, is the process whereby the activation of the pineal gland opens gates to other dimensions, enabling the person to travel through different realities. Advanced knowledge and usage of the pineal gland can even lead one to control the minds and actions of people in the corporeal human world.

Powerful shadow organizations and even the Soviet Union leadership have been actively researching the pineal gland and its effects for decades, often keeping the information and knowledge restricted from the public.

Many would want to harness the abilities of the pineal gland. But unfortunately, most humans are unable to reach that level of consciousness due to the current worldwide diet. Sodium fluoride, a heavily consumed ingredient or chemical that makes up an essential component of the modern diet, is often absorbed by the pineal gland. The heavy level of daily salt intake renders the gland ineffectual.

In the United States alone, treatment of the water supply uses a mix of 90% fluoride along with various other components. Water filters currently are unable to filter out fluoride from the water supply. However, reverse osmosis or water distillation can reverse the fluoridation of water. Water distillation is the recommended method as it is considered the most economic choice.

The main issue behind all these is the concern that this disconnect between our spiritual and corporeal realities may lead us to a path of evolution which may eventually cause us to lose this ability altogether. Rick Strassman, M. D. Believes DMT has a highly correlated connection to the pineal gland: “I was drawn to DMT because of its presence in all of our bodies. I believed the source of this DMT was the mysterious pineal gland, a tiny organ situated in the center of our brains. Modern medicine knows little about this gland’s role, but it has a rich metaphysical history. Descartes, for example, believed the pineal was the ‘seat of the soul’ and both Western and Eastern mystical traditions place our highest spiritual center within its confines.” This article (The MOST IMPORTANT Secret Kept From All Of Us: The Pineal Gland!) is free and open source.

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