Is Vladimir Putin immortal? 100 years-old photo of russian president found

Even science has decided to seek time travelers Internet in 2014. Two scientists at the University of Michigan Technological suggested that if a person had traveled back in time in the future, should have left some type of signal on the Internet. Even the known theoretical physicist Michio Kaku has publicly stated that there is no law of physics that prevents the trip back in time. And the celebrities are not without controversy. As published in the esoteric and psychic world in 2011 were auctioned on eBay some incredible images of 1800 with the portraits of Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. For the conspiracy theorists, the similarities remarkable com Cage and Travolta are definite evidence showing that some celebrities are travelers of the time. The phenomenon has reached such a point that their own actors had to publicly deny the report. But now the question is: Vladimir Putin may also deny the latest information accusing him of being a time traveler?


The images were hundreds of times shared by conspiracy theorists, in an attempt to show that the travelers of time are among us, in all areas of our society. However, others believe that Putin could be immortal, a man who has been serving the Russian people for centuries. Even theories to explain these images go beyond, that connects the Russian leader popular with the Prince Vlad III of Transylvania, also known as Count Dracula.

Count Dracula

Count Dracula

In fact, the defenders of the idea that Putin is a powerful and immortal have published the story that the president is a mythical creature that lives on our planet there are hundreds, if not thousands of years”, wrote the popular site conspiracy Disclose. Tv. Journeyman and Antichrist but this is not the first time that Vladimir Putin has been plagued by supernatural practices or hidden.

Since Putin was elected president of the Russian Federation, in 1999, he became the target of all theories apocalyptic. Many people believe that the aggressiveness of Russian leader will lead to the destruction of humanity, and in turn, will be the return of Jesus. But the most frightening thing is that “Jesus” would have to face the forces of darkness, a political leader global called the Antichrist. But for the Antichrist to rule the world, he would have to defeat the forces of evil.


Interestingly, some also believe that Nostradamus predicted the arrival of the Antichrist, in 1999, and that a great king would bring terror into our world. In the seventh month of the year, 1999 will come from heaven to the great King of terror, to resurrect the great king of the Mongols, before and after Mars unhindered reign. – NH Latino 10-72 – On this prophecy of Nostradamus, remember that there was a solar eclipse on 11 August 1999.

Some pessimistic regarding this phenomenon in deep space with the rise of the Antichrist in Russia, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia will be until 2018, when you have 66 years, but, apparently, all these theories apocalyptic could meet as Putin intends to eliminate all terrorists ISIS from the face of the planet for a bombing in Syria. In addition, it can also be the beginning of a great conflict with Turkey by increasing tensions between the two nations, but leaving aside the apocalyptic prophecies, it is a fact that Putin has been formally accused of being the Antichrist or even a time traveler.

Is Vladimir Putin immortal or a time traveler? What do you think?

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