Giant Skeleton Hidden In Plain Sight In Scotland?

Recently I was lucky to visit the tiny village of Portmahomack on the Tarbat Peninsula in northern Scotland. While there I took the opportunity to visit Tarbat Discovery Centre which is home to a museum that houses some of the artifacts that were unearthed on the site during an archeological dig in the early 2000s.

What i discovered inside will blow you away! We will get the to video towards the end of this article, but before that, lets take a little look at where i was.


Portmahomack’s origins date back to the arrival here of St Colmac, who established a priory in AD975. The village grew between it and the shore, taking advantage of the shelter of a location on the west side of Tarbat Ness. A church was built on the site of the priory in 1255.

This was replaced in 1756 by what is now known as the Old Tarbat Parish Church, which today houses the Tarbat Discovery Centre. This is designed to provide visitors with an insight into the area’s pictish past: complete with a life-size bronze of a Pictish Queen outside.



When inside the Discovery Centre i was amazed to take in some of the relics of the past with items dating back to the 8th/9th century on display.

Then there were other items that dated far older, back to the Neolithic ages, between 4000bc – 2000bc.

One of the displays was of particular interest as it showed a number of stone carved balls that have been unearthed on the site. Unfortunately the actual stone balls are at a university in Scotland being studies to see what secrets they might hold, but it cast my mind back to an episode of The Kev Baker Show with my good friend James Swagger. James was on the show to discuss guess what? That’s right… STONE BALLS!

Here is the information, or lack of it, that was on display in the museum…



Talk about saving the best until last!

While touring the visitor centre, my attention was drawn to a display that could only be viewed from above. There was a metalic grate in the middle of the floor and what lay below still gives me goosebumps even now that I’m here typing about it!

On display through the metal grate, on the floor below, lay what i can only describe as a GIANT SKELETON!


As you can see in the video it is hard to put a precise size on this skeleton but i assure you it was MASSIVE!

There was no clear indication on what time period this skeleton dates back to, nor was there a mention of the size!

If i was to guess i would say that it was approx. 8ft in size!

Now, i cannot tell you for sure if this was a giant, but it sure looked like it to me.