Watch how a black hole rips apart a nearby star

NASA produced an artistic rendition – based upon ASASS observations – of a so-called tidal disruption in action. In short it’s just a black hole ripping apart a nearby star. Although this video looks absolutely amazing, you probably wondering what the hell is happing. Well I will do my best to paraphrase NASA’s extremely complex explanation of this phenomenon.

NASA states that what you are seeing here is a ‘tidal disruption’as a star is torn apart by a black hole that it got too close to. When this happens, the majority of the star’s mass is pulled towards the black hole in the form of so-called filaments which later become a smooth disk that is easily visible in x-rays.

The All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae – or ASASS in short – observed portions of a tidal disruption in November 2014. The black hole that caused this disruption is in a galaxy about 290 million light-years away from our own. And to make this extremely interesting phenomenon more insightful, NASA produced this artistic rendition of the tidal disruption in action.