Scientists have discovered that Tutankhamun’s dagger came from outer space

One of the most sensational moments of the 20th century occurred in 1922, when the tomb of the most mysterious pharaoh of ancient Egypt — Tutankhamun — was discovered. The discovery gave birth to a host of mysteries and legends, one of which centered on the ancient ruler’s dagger. It was claimed that his ceremonial weapon had origins not of this Earth.

After more than 90 years, research recently published in the magazine Meteoritics & Planetary Science proves that Tutankhamun’s dagger really was from another world: it turns out that it was forged from the iron of a meteorite.

After a careful analysis of the dagger’s blade, scientists managed to discover the celestial rock whose iron it was made from. Known as the Kharga meteorite, it was discovered in the year 2000 close to the city of Alexandria.

The implications of this discovery are really quite incredible: it shows that the ancient Egyptians mastered the art of making things out of iron long before the Iron Age. It also suggests that their civilization — which prospered in the 13th century BC — was aware that certain materials quite literally fell from the sky. In this respect they were some 2,000 years ahead of Western science in their understanding of the cosmos.

It seems that the ancient Egyptians must have seen something unusual falling from the skies and headed on foot in the direction of this wonder. Now we can finally make sense of a cryptic phrase seen in Egyptian hieroglyphs of the period: ’iron of the sky.’

Almost 3,500 years after the event, science has discovered something really quite astounding: that the origins of an ancient artefact can be found in the great black ocean of stars above us.

Source: iflscience,
Preview image credit: Merydolla/shutterstock