Mystery: A strange signal is emitting

Message spoken on typical Russian accent, followed by a series of codes made up of numbers and letters, already 45 years is plaguing the scientists. All these years they are trying to reveal the mystery of this sound and why is it still broadcasted. The radio station “UVB 76”, which more than four decades is sending short, monotonous buzzing tones remains an inexplicable phenomenon and one of the favorite themes of the theoreticians of conspiracy. No one knows the origin of the signal, who emits it or what does it means.

After constant repetition of encrypted tones, some voice with stiff Russian accent is pronouncing: “U-V-B-7-6”. This lasts, from the eighties until today.

Theories for this sound, similar to the Morse alphabet, are different. While some say that it is an experiment of the Russian army, others say that it is alien signal that the aliens are sending subliminal messages to each listener.

The sound that is emitted from the station has experienced minor changes in these four decades, but it still represents a different variation of buzzing sound that once in every few months is interrupted by unknown voice that pronounces blurred, encrypted message.

Today, this buzzing sound is heard 25 times in a minute with breaks of less than one second. This lasts very long time, forever!

The sound is heard at a frequency of 4625 kHz, which means that almost anyone can hear it even through Internet radio servers.

For years, it was assumed that the signal originates from the place Povarovo, near Moscow. But, in September 2010, the signal simply changed the location and now is consider that it comes from western Russia.

The failure in uncovering the mystery that hides the signal makes the station “UVB 76” even bigger and scarier phenomenon, which more than four decades is intriguing people worldwide.

In the video below, you can hear the voice from this radio station: