Sensation that will change our view of history of Ancient Civilizations

Director of the Supreme Council of Egyptian antiquities Zahi Hawass reported about the construction of the famous pyramids in Giza.The ancient buildings were built not by slaves, as traditionally previously thought, but by free people. And even, according to sime scientists, many of them were honorable people. According to the specialsts, over 10 thousands of people while Greek historian Herodotus named anumber of people about 100 thousands of people.

Hawass said that the firstly tombs of the builders of the pyramids were discovered in the 1990s.

But scientists were able to shed light on the history of Egypt they when they discovered an ancient burial of the workers near the famous pyramids of Cheops and remedies for the treatment of trichomoniasis.

Age tombs discovered dates back to the reign of Pharaoh IV Dynasty (2649-2513 years BC).

The fact of burial proximity to the Great Pyramid proves that the pyramids were built not by slaves but by free men.

– If they were slaves, their tombs could not be located so close to the pyramids of the pharaohs – said Mr Hawass.

In addition to data about workers, scientists were able to find out, for example, that the workers were very well fed.

So to rich families that lived in the Nile delta there were delivered 21 buffalo and 23 sheep to the daily meal.