Physicists Claim Ancient Civilization On Mars Was Nuked By Alien Invaders!

Dr. John Brandenburg reports his theory at this year’s Secret Space Conference, in which a primitive Martian civilization had been destroyed by a nuke from possible alien invaders.

“Mars presents the human race with a Darwinian intelligence test, and so far, we are failing it. Scientists cannot connect the dots at Mars because the resulting picture is too terrifying to accept.” States Dr. Brandenburg.

Dr. Brandenburg works as a plasma physicist that is also a consultant at Morningstar Applied Physics LLC with the addition of being a part-time instructor of astronomy, mathematics, and physics at Madison College as well as various other learning institutions within Madison, Wisconsin.

He also the author of a series of books that include Life and Death on Mars and Beyond Einstein’s Unified Field. nasa-NASA-curiosity-mars-rover-01

The reasoning behind Dr. Brandenburg’s theory is that he suggests that the red coloring of Mars, as well as the radioactive substances that are embedded into the soil, are a corollary of a thermonuclear explosion.

Dr. Brandenburg states that this is because of the high concentrations of Xenox-129 within Mars’s atmosphere including the planets surface that contains uranium and thorium.

He claims that these are the hallmarks of  a nuclear explosion that was launched by aliens.

With all of Dr. Brandenburg’s research, he has concluded that the unknown force of alien invaders had committed this massacre to a variety of other planets that inhabited primitive civilizations.

people-on-marsDue to the Fermi Paradox which states that a galaxy such as the Milky Way should be teeming with life, but life such as that is nowhere to be found within the galaxy.

With the ultimate conclusion from Dr. Brandenburg that the “universe is a cemetery”.

He states that there is a highly advanced group of beings that goes throughout the galaxy destroying any primitive civilizations that they dub as a considerable threat.

“The rest of the cosmos is just as screwed up as Earth,” States Brandenburg.



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