Krishna Race Blue Hindu or Mayan Gods

This race which I called ”Krishna Race” is part of Andromeda Council. They are benevolent,peaceful and loving.
‘A blue man’ (his name is Amrishtad)told of how his people had lived on Earth. They had lived in India in a community right in the town but their area was surrounded by a tall wall. Sometimes, he said, humans would climb up the wall to sit on the wall and look at the blue people, and the blue man had thought that it was nice to see them.
He describes his home world as a beautiful divine Kingdom and Paradise. His people have tried to make this world of Earth into a paradise, he tells me. They have been here to share what they have.
He says about Inca/Mayan temples, the dark stone pyramids that we are all familiar with. The blue people stood there, dressed in a head down that placed a fan of feathers across the head. His clothes were like made of belts about the arms and upper body, and he wore a skirt and anklet belts and bare feet. He was ornaments in gold.
The blue people had arrived first to the Inca/Mayan temples. Then the Draconians arrived and started to sacrifice the humans, humans who have no scales.
┬áHe told about his people coming from a world that is like a beautiful Paradise, and they’ve only come here to Earth in ancient times to share that paradise with us humans. First they came to India, and brought with them their scrolls and the symbolism of the golden eagle with the swastika. Originally, the swastika was a Hindu religious symbol. It was only once the Draconians came to Earth and started the Hitler Nazi thing, the Draconians were jealous and felt challenged and threatened by the power of the Blue People, and so as the Draconians have a thing for power symbols and symbolism, they stole the Blue People symbolism of the swastika and the golden eagle, changed it around a bit and made it their own. Mostly as a means of taunting the Blue People, and trying to strip them off their power.
But the Blue People were benevolent Kings in our worlds. The Blue Gods then came to South America to some of the Mayan or Incan civilizations, and became their Blue Gods. According to the story line, the Blue People would have gone to India first, and later to South America. All was well in the Inca/Mayan civilizations, until the Draconian super lords arrived again, to steal their power and to make it their own kingdom.
Krishna Race from their Kingdom of Paradise world wish to come to Earth again.
Note: Amrishtad only showed the temples and isn’t know whether those were Incan or Mayan.


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