Ancient Texts Reveal: Earth Was Ruled For 241.000 Years By 8 Kings Who Came From Heaven

Yesterday I watched “The Arrival” – the story and representation of the movie baffled me so much, that I had to make some digging throughout the internet. Listed in 2 books on Google, the “Ancient Writings to Sacred Texts: The Old Testament… Continue Reading

Ancient texts suggest Maya astronomers mapped planets 700 YEARS before Copernicus

The ancient Maya excelled at agriculture, pottery, hieroglyph writing, calendar-making, mathematics and were one of the most impressive astronomers in the past. While it is known among scholars that the ancient Maya created sophisticated celestial maps and mapped the sky with… Continue Reading

Three ancient texts that suggest Extraterrestrial beings visited Earth in the distant past

If intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations did visit our planet in the distant past would we find evidence of their visitation somewhere on Earth today? Well, according to these three ancient texts the most-searched for pieces of evidence are right in front… Continue Reading