A Top Secret Black-Budget Secret Space Program That’s Reversed-Engineered Extraterrestrial Technology?

Yes, there are still many who would instantaneously think you’re completely bonkers for even contemplating any truth to the title above, but that comes from a place of innocent ignorance. It’s easy to dismiss something without properly investigating the subject… Continue Reading

Doomsday seed vault in the arctic – Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we dont

One thing Microsoft founder Bill Gates can’t be accused of is sloth. He was already programming at 14, founded Microsoft at age 20 while still a student at Harvard. By 1995 he had been listed by Forbes as the world’s… Continue Reading

United Nations – U.N. Agenda 21 Depopulation of 95% of World by Year 2030 is Now Underway, Signed and Approved by 200 World Leaders

Government Funded Soviet Gangstalking Harrassment Police State IS NOW HERE http://www.surviveunagenda21depopulation.com/388778402 I have been government GANGSTALKED since year 2000 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Evidence is happening everywhere that there is a definate austerity,de-industrialisation,DEPOPULATION AGENDA that i have compiled on my website where an… Continue Reading