Cloaked Alien Soldier Spotted Stalking Curiosity Rover On Mars

Ever growing List of Martin Mysteries, just got little longer as “Cloaked Alien Soldier” was spotted stalking Nasa’s Curiosity rover, which is currently exploring the surface of red planet.

Conspiracy Theorists are claiming that super advanced race of Martians are still active and very much alive on deserted planet.

Video footage which went viral on youtube, shows an cloaked alien soldier standing behind rocks who was wearing a special space suit and carrying a weapon not just that he/she looked perfectly blending into the rocky surface. Some internet users reacted to this video and said “That’s Frozen Alien“.

I don’t know what to make out of this video, because I myself is a Multi-dimensional Ghost, so maybe anything is possible in this crazy dark universe.

Cloaked alien soldier was discovered by popular conspiracy theorists youtuber Paranormal Crucible after he digitally enhanced the nasa archive image and later posted the video on his youtube channel. The video description states: “Intriguing object which I spotted while going through the NASA archives.

Youtubers were quick to comment on the video, while some laughed and posted funny comments others came up with their own theories about this alien soldier, who “strangely” do look like Grey Alien.

My personal favorite comment :  “The most important question is, is it a statue, or was this alien person petrified (turned to stone) by a gruesome, yet powerful weapon?